Wednesday , January 27 2021
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Gwadar Customs seizes 176kg brown heroin worth Rs1b

Gwadar Customs seizes 176kg brown heroin worth Rs1b

GWADAR: Anti-Smuggling Organization of Gaddani has seized seized 176 kilogram of foreign origin brown heroin from diesel tank of Hino truck worth of Rs1 billion. The seizure is one of the largest heroin case in the Collectorate’s history.

According to details a credible information was received by the Collector Gwader Tahir Ali Qureshi that an attempt would be made by the smugglers to smuggle heroin from Quetta to Karachi, said information was shared with Additional Collector Gwadar who constituted a raiding party under supervision of Assistant Collector Ali Haider Moosani for patrolling and intercepting of the vehicle on the RCD highway.

The raiding party was in search of the same vehicle but the vehicle was not found, when the raiding party was returning from Zero point and reached near the police check post Winder, the suspected vehicle was signal to stop but driver accelerated the speed towards Karachi.

The staff chased the vehicle instead of stopping a fire came from non located area, the customs staff also exchanged the fire the driver took benefit of firing and darkness of the night by leaving the vehicle and run away to Chiko Gardan.

The Hino truck (06 wheeler) bearing Registration No- TAM-353 written in permanent pen was taken in to custody the driver was chased but after about two hours of struggle driver could not be located, the search was made of the suspected vehicle and cabin but no person found inside the vehicle.

The customs squad thoroughly checked the vehicle it was found that Diesel tank was divided into two parts, one was meant for diesel and 2nd was filled with 176 kilogram of foreign origin brown heroine in export packing along with packing material.

The recovered narcotics (heroin) substance was taken into custody and brought it to Customs House Gaddani before the witness and prepared proper recovery memo on the spot, the customs staff of Khurkhera seized the 176 kilogram brown heroin in export packing whereas the vehicle was also seized under Customs Act 1969, the samples of seized heroine were drawn for forensic lab test in presence of witnesses, further investigation would be carried out by the investigation and prosecution branch of the MCC Gwader Customs house Gaddani while FIR has been lodged accordingly. Ends