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Govt to abolish duties on imports of raw material soon: Abdul Razzaq Daud

SIALKOT: Advisor to Prime Minister for Commerce, Textile, Industries, Production and Investment Abdul Razzaq Daud has  urged the Sialkot exporters to make strategic thinking to boost the national exports. He said that the government was making proper planning , evolving effective and positive policies to boost industrial sector, besides, taking business community into confidence for ensuring complete implementation on business and investment-friendly policies in country.

He stated this while addressing an important meeting of the Sialkot exporters held at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) here despite the holiday of Sunday.

SCCI President Khawaja Masud Akhtar presided over the meeting. SCCI SVP Waqas Akram Awan , Sialkot exporter’s leader Riazud Din Sheikh,  local senior TDAP and FBR officials and SCCI’s former presidents, SVPs and VPs  also attended.

PM’s Advisor Abdul Razzaq Daud asked the business community of Pakistan to adopt the unique export culture of Sialkot to boom up national exports. He said that government was making all out sincere efforts to ensure doing business easy in Pakistan.

He assured that the government would son abolish all the duties and taxes on the import of the raw materials here. He said that the DTRE facilities should be made easier. He assured to look into the matter of DLTL cases pendency to facilitate Sialkot exporters as well.

He announced his full support for Sialkot for the early establishment of Special Economic Zone at Sialkot. He said that Pakistan should also work on reverse engineering on the module of reverse engineering by China and Japan. He asked the Sialkot exporters to start their own branding in South Africa and  African countries as well. “Government will support business community in every matter”, he pledged.

Abdul Razzaq Daud said that the government was simplifying the rules for the exporters as well. He said that the government was evolving positive and effective strategies to boost exports through the direly needed reduction in cost of doing business in Pakistan as well.

He said that the issue of 5 percent regulatory duty on the import of polyester yarn and 7 percent anti-dumping duty would be resolved in this running month of December 2018.

PM’s Advisor Abdul Razzaq Daud said economical and industrial boost was on the top economical agenda of the government. He said that government, under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, was making hectic efforts to boom up national economy and strengthening the national commerce and trade besides removing all the hurdles from the smooth way of national economical- stability in the country.

He said that the government was fully aware of the perturbing problems being faced by the business community, saying that the government was making all out sincere efforts for the early amicable solution to these problems by taking the businessmen into confidence as well.

Advisor Abdul Razza Daud said that role of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) was being redefined to only taxes collection from levying taxes. “I have sent a summery to the government under which now FBR would not levy any tax directly, as FBR’s role would be taxes collection not to levy any tax directly”, he revealed.

FBR has also been asked to ensure maximum facilitation to the tax-payers especially the business community as well.

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