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Govt should promote business friendly atmosphere: SCCI

SIALKOT: Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has stressed upon the need of promotion of the non-traditional export products in the traditional markets, urging the government  to promote the business friendly atmosphere, besides, assuring the continuity of the trade policies.

Addressing an important meeting of Sialkot  exporters held here, the SCCI Senior Vice President Waqas Akram Awan said that the government should evolve a strategy to bring boom in national exports through flourishing surgical, sports goods and gloves industries of Sialkot.

SVP said that the government must take business community into confidence while making business and export-friendly policies.

He said that this direly needed positive step would also enable the industrialists and exporters to struggle hard with full devotion, dedication and complete peace of mind for strengthening the national exports and boosting economy.

SCCI SVP Waqas Akram Awan revealed that the government should make all out sincere efforts to bring the national economy in taking-off position.

He said that government should resolve the prolonged perturbing problems of business community by taking the businessmen into confidence. He also urged the government to remove all the hurdles from the way of smooth growth of national economy.

SCCI SVP was of the view that government should ensure the easy access of Sialkot exporters to the international trade markets, saying that there was no doubt to say that the Sialkot exporters have great potential to explore and capture the international trade markets by exporting their world class diversified traditional and non-traditional export products.

He urged the Sialkot industrialists and exporters to focus on the diversification of traditional to non-traditional exports with a sole aim to meet the global trade challenges in this WTO regime.


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