Tuesday , September 22 2020
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Govt should enhance security to protect QICT from Indians: Imran Ghazi

Govt should enhance security to protect QICT from Indians: Imran Ghazi

MULTAN: Government should enhance security to prevent any unwanted situation at Qasim International Container Terminal due to presence of Indian staff without permission. Presence of Indians staff without permission of Interior ministry at DP World / Qasim International Container Terminal (QICT) is a major threat for national security than Coronavirus and these appointed Indians are allegedly involved into suspicious activities for creating economic unrest in the country.

It was stated by renowned Advocate Muhammad Imran Ghazi in his exclusive talk to Customs Today regarding presence of Indian staff at the DP World / QICT.

He said that illegal appointment of Indians at the DP World / Qasim International Container Terminal (QICT) without approval of Interior ministry was a shocking revelation and these illegal appointed Indians were involved in spoiling business environment of the country. These illegal appointed Indians and others have created network at the DP World / QICT with a few corrupt officials of Customs and they are openly blackmailing genuine importers at the time of clearance of shipments for generating kickbacks and defaming business image of the nation in the world.

He said that everyone knew about Indian interference after arrest of Indian terrorist Kulbhusan Sudhir Jadhav and their terrorist activities in Baluchistan and Karachi to create unrest for spoiling peaceful business environment in the country. Indian intelligence agencies support the banned outfit organizations and funded them for sponsoring terrorism in the country to weaken Pakistan. Kulbhusan admitted in his confession statement that he was on special task of destabilizing Baluchistan and Karachi by promoting terrorism and he was strengthening separatist movements by assisting them financially.

He expressed that safety and economic security of the Pakistan depends upon the secure use of the QICT and other terminals. But there is also a question mark that Indians were allegedly operating and controlling one of the strategic assets of Pakistan in the shape of DP World / QICT. After the implementation of national action plan terrorism has been curbed in the country but responsible departments need to take up this issue and initiate strict action against M/s DP World Group with 75% shares and majority of the management staff, directors of board belongs to Indian nationals and they are appointed on national port without any permission of Ministry of Interior.

He said that security agencies must verify these Indian nationals operating at DP World / Qasim International Container Terminal through scrutiny process to protect country from any unwanted situation. Indians are also bigger threat than Coronavirus and our security agencies are fully capable to eliminate them by foiling any nefarious activity.

He said Indians are allegedly causing unnecessary delay in the clearance of legal shipments and blackmail importers by charging exorbitant detention and demurrage charges which decelerates the revenue collection of government. Importers are upset due to their blackmailing and compelled to pay additional charges for the timely clearance which enhance their cost of business. Indians are defaming national image of our strategic port at large and discouraging importers through ill-treating.

He said that alleged Indians are working in different shipping companies and they are shaping impediments for clearance of genuine shipments at the port due to close connection with Customs officials and they are extorting importers for generation of their kickbacks by collecting illegal demurrage and detention charges.

He demanded from government of Pakistan to conduct high level scrutiny of all foreigners working at DP World / Qasim International Container Terminal (QICT) on emergency basis to ensure security and protection at strategic port and those foreigners who were working without permission of ministry of Interior should be thoroughly interrogated because they involved in robbing huge revenue from genuine importers through fraudulence and posing national threat to security of country.