Thursday , November 26 2020
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Govt allows exports to Afghanistan via Kharlachi border

ISLAMABAD: Federal Government on Tuesday allowed exports to Afghanistan via Kharlanchi border crossing.

In an important development for Pak-Afghan trade, government has amended Export Policy Order 2020 to allow the trade.

The ministry of commerce on Monday issued SRO 1103(I)/2020 to make amendment into Export Policy Order 2020.

After the amendment the export to Afghanistan and through Afghanistan to Central Asian Republics shall be allowed through export land routes i.e. Torkhan, Chaman and Ghulam Khan and Qamar Uddin Karez, Kharlachi.

According to news reports, the Kharlachi border crossing in Kurram tribal district was reopened in July 2020 to trade with Afghanistan after remaining closed for four months.

The border crossing was closed for bilateral trade after the outbreak of Covid-19.

The formal trade was begun with Afghanistan through Kharlachi crossing, which was the nearest point with Kabul.

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