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Google Trips 0.0.27 APK download released for android, makes travelling easier

TEXAS: Google had released the new Google Trips app for testers a few days ago, and an update for the app has already arrived today. The new Google Trips 0.0.27 APK download has been released without a changelog, but we expect bug fixes and performance improvements inside. But what really does the Google Trips app do

Remember TripIt? Well, Google Trips is similar. It is basically a personal travel assistant that goes everywhere without and makes travelling and handling your trips easier. It brings all your trips into one place and helps you manage them better while even providing suggestions. It even provides personal suggestions, and all your trips are available to you offline too.

When you download Google Trips app on your Android device and login to your Google account, the app starts working the way it should. It gathers all your upcoming travel reservations automatically from your Gmail account and organizes them into individual trips. Each of the trips contain the Reservations, Food and Drink, Things to Do, and much more. All your flight, hotel, car rentals, restaurant bookings, etc. are displayed in one place.

Apart from showing you the information that you already had, the trips also contain suggestions by the app about the place you are visiting. Things get categorized automatically into separate categories like which place is the most popular around, where should you go, should you go out in this or that weather at that time, etc. After you arrive at the destination, the app also tells you what places of attractions are near you. While searching in Google Maps and Google Search for restaurants and attractions, you can save them quickly to keep them with you.

Though Google Trips APK download file was given out only to the selected testers, it does not take much time for the apps to leak out and get spread on the web. If you are a frequent traveler and are excited to try out this new app, then you can download Google Trips 0.0.27 APK file by going to the source link below. The file is 5.25MB large and works with Android 4.1+ devices.

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