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Global warming points an imminent threat to humans in future

HARROW: Scientists and policy experts said at the California Climate Change Symposium in Sacramento that global warming points to an imminent threat to humans in future. They discussed the matter on Monday.
According to The Daily News, scientists decided to consider the imminent UN Climate Change Conference in Paris by saying that those against the climate change agenda are needed to be convinced to join the global warming chorus.
According to Elizabeth Hadly, a professor of biology and geological and environmental sciences at Stanford University, dialog holds more important position than advocacy and it is needed to know how communication is required outside the Ivory Tower.
Hadly claimed that the Scientific Consensus Statement that says, “Earth is rapidly approaching a tipping point. Human impacts are causing alarming levels of harm to our planet … The evidence that humans are damaging their ecological life-support systems is overwhelming”, should be proceeded in developing countries, and also disbelievers among military officials and religious leaders.
International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the California Natural Resources Agency organized the symposium.
Robert Weisenmiller, chairman of the California Energy Commission, asked the world for imitating California, which has plans to cut greenhouse gases to 1990 levels in next five years. The state has plans to curb the emission up to 80% by 2050. UC San Diego Professor Veerabhadran Ramanathan warned that sea levels could rise between 2 meters to 5 meters and threatens Los Angeles International Airport and San Diego International Airport.

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