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Ghulam Khan Border’s stations to be operational for trade by March 7

Ghulam Khan Border’s stations to be operational for trade by March 7

PESHAWAR: The customs stations on the Ghalam Khan Border will be operationalized for trade activities from March 7, 2018.

Political administration and traders have reached an agreement after the completion of construction work. The trade activities with Afghanistan will be increased which will result in more revenue generation, said Collector Customs Mohammad Saeed Khan Jadoon.

The customs check-post and the National Logistic Cell will also be ready to facilitate the importers on the Ghulam Khan Border area.

The Collector Customs at the Customs House Peshawar, talking to Customs Today on Monday about the situation of transit trade, expressed hope to provide trade-friendly environment to the region. The performance of the Customs Department’s station-wise surveillance system was also inspected by the Collector Customs who strictly denied any presence of mafia in the Customs Department to hurt the national exchequer.

Mohammad Saeed Jadoon, Collector Customs at the Customs House Peshawar, elaborated that the Ghulam Khan Border is treated with media hype due to its geographical importance of being connected with Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.

The security measures will be further enhanced to provide benefits to all the stakeholders and discourage smuggling on this route, he informed. The scrutinization process to detect alien entry of a product and currency to the domains of Pakistani borders has been also upgraded. No vacuum has been left unfilled to give space for the activities which might harm the customs exchequer.

As far as the Customs House Peshawar is concerned, the duty collected up to March 5 reflected 9 percent growth in the revenue collection and the MCC Peshawar has not only achieved the target but also surpassed the target of Financial Year 2017-18 till to date.

The Directorate of the Anti-Smuggling Units in Peshawar has thwarted several attempts to smuggle Iranian diesel by the Kohat customs check-posts. The smuggling of lubricants is not only done through Torkham border but oil, Iranian and Turkish origin cloths are also smuggled through this route, Collector Customs added.