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General tax directory to be issued by March 31: Asad

ISLAMABAD: Official Spokesperson of the Federal Board of Revenue Shahid Hussain Asad has announced that the tax directory of all taxpayers will be issued by the end of March.

Asad who is also the Member Inland Revenue Service further said that tax directory would include tax details of around 0.85 to 0.9 million people, who had filed tax returns in the tax year 2013.

Talking about 100 non-tax filer lawmakers, Asad said that FBR has given them another opportunity to file income tax returns by the end of current month as done by other parliamentarians of the country.

Pakistan would become the fourth country in the world to publish tax particulars of all its registered taxpayers. Sweden, Finland and Norway had issued the tax directory before Pakistan.
FBR has already issued the tax directory of the lawmakers on February 15 which showed that 100 elected representatives of the country did not file their income tax returns.

Sources added that information of the tax directory would include income tax information of businessmen, media persons, service providers, prominent players, artists, public/private sector employees and all other income tax return filers.

There is a general objection that private and confidential information of taxpayers, who are regular income tax return filers, would be made public by FBR. However, the government might not inform about the sources of income of taxpayers in the tax directory, as it did in the case of lawmakers of the country.