Friday , September 25 2020
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Galaxy Note 4 update to significantly improve battery, performance ahead of US release

Galaxy Note 4 update to significantly improve battery, performance ahead of US release

BEIJING: The Note 4’s specs also earn outstanding marks across the board, including its eye-poppingly vibrant display and a mostly-excellent 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. Rapid LTE data speeds and a robust processor join a host of other specs and features that easily make the metal-rimmed, Android- powered Note 4 easily equal to other top-rated handsets — and often better. The phone’s drawbacks, though present, are minor and few. However, such power will cost you, or more precisely, your battery. Samsung has just released a software update to improve battery life and overall stability. The 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a brilliant high-resolution screen and takes excellent outdoor shots on its 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. Using the stylus is more convenient, and the battery charges very quickly.


Power Saving Mode

The Potency Preserving Mode is a software implement that has been part of Samsung’s more recent contrivances. This option sanctions you to turn off the phone functions that you aren’t essential, so your phone can last longer. It is astronomically subsidiary especially if you are on a peregrination or away from any charging source for a long time, and it is paramount to keep your handset alive.


Ultra Power Saving Mode

Well, this one assuredly expounds itself. This takes the Power Preserving Mode to the next level, where the phone is constrained to the rudiments even more, to the point where only the bare phone calling capabilities are functional.


Screen Brightness

The screen is sizably voluminous on this contrivance, and just like any other smartphone, the screen on the Note 4 represents the most sizably voluminous energy consumer. To ascertain your screen doesn’t just flush away an astronomically immense chunk of your battery for nothing, turn down the effulgence and uses more tenebrous wallpaper. Additionally, ascertain to eschew live wallpapers because those consume extra battery.


Turn Off Detection

The Google Search function comes with a feature that lets you immediately tap into it by saying “Ok Google”. However, having that feature activated denotes that your phone will always be aroused, waiting for your command. That drains energy. Withal, ascertain your GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and such connectivity features are off if you’re not in a place and time where you are utilizing them, they eat a sizably voluminous part of your battery, and if you don’t utilize them, it would be purport less.


Update and Stay Simple

Updating your apps denotes that certain bugs that include battery draining quandaries get fine-tuned with the revision of the app, so it’s a good conception to keep your apps updated. Additionally, the sizably voluminous HD pulchritudinous screen might tempt you to fill it with widgets, but endeavor to restrain yourself from doing that as they hit your battery pretty hard.

If you stay clear of those battery destroyers, and follow these facile tips, you should have enough battery to last you the entire day, and if you’re on a peregrination, you can always turn to the Ultra Power Preserving Mode until you get to a charging source.