Saturday , March 6 2021
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Flow of fake currency notes mounting

Flow of fake currency notes mounting

ISLAMABAD: Circulation of fake currency notes valuing Rs 1000 is continuing unchecked in Karachi company market. Inflow of these fake notes makes rapid way in rush hours particularly in the evening time when all the shops are thronged by the consumers. The cloth shops are the easy targets of the fake currency dealers.

“We are the hard hit sufferers as we have to face battalions of lady consumers. Amidst the hustle of shopping, we are tricked into deceit of hurried dealing and a good number of fake currency notes make a dent equal to their presence in our daily earning by becoming part of cash transaction,” said a group of cloth merchants.

“Some organized groups of criminals are active behind the fishy business of fake currency notes. The members of these gangs come in our shops dressed in gorgeous fancy outfits and leave us in enormous loss through payment of fake currency notes,” said Anjam, a shop keeper.

The small traders and shop keepers demanded immediate action against the elements involved in fake currency notes business.