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Fisheries export up 15.68% to US$3.67m during FY 2013-14

Fisheries export up 15.68% to US$3.67m during FY 2013-14

ISLAMABAD: The Fish and fishery products saw an increase of 15.68% during last FY2013-14 which was 12.25 % higher than the FY2012-13.
This record increase in export of fish and fishery products from Pakistan had made export earnings of US$ 367.472 million which were above the target of US$340.00 million fixed by Marine Fisheries Department.
According to Ministry of Ports and Shipping during the FY2013-14 the fish & fishery products exports valued US$ 367.472 million (155,671 metric tons). Whereas, during the FY2012-13 total exports were US$317.652 million (138,680 metric ton).
The Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Kamran Michael said that the main reason for this record increase in fish & fishery products was the lifting of European Union (EU) ban on import of fish & fishery products from Pakistan after six years.
In an exclusive interview with ‘Customs Today’ he said that export from two processing plants has been allowed by the EU and permission for few more processing plants is anticipated.
He said that EU suspended import of fish & fishery products from Pakistan on April 12, 2007 on account of certain deficiencies pointed out by the board of fishing vessels Karachi Fish Harbour and processing plants by Food & Veterinary Office (FVO) of European Commission (EC) during their inspection visit held from January 22-26, 2007.
He further added that Marine Fisheries Department, in collaboration with all the relevant stakeholders has undertaken necessary corrective measures to rectify the shortcomings as a result the EU has allowed export of fish & fishery product to 27 nations of the European Union.
Moreover, the Minister described that combating smuggling and initiating legal export of fresh water fish to Afghanistan through Torkham border were also the reasons behind record increase in export both in quantity and price.
“In addition a new development of establishment of regional offices & testing laboratories of Marines Fisheries Department at Gwadar (Balochistan) at a total cost of Rs 46.00 million has been approved” he observed.