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Fish exports fall to $277.9m from $197.5m in 2014

Fish exports fall to $277.9m from $197.5m in 2014

BRUSSELS: Fish exports fell in value in December 2014 from December 2013 by 29%, according to the Ministry of Production.

In Dec. 2013, fish exports from Peru valued at US$ 277.9 million fell down to a total value in Dec. 2014 at US$ 197.5 million. This means, not just in value but in volume, Peruvian fish exports decreased. PRODUCE recorded a drop in export volume from 162,700 to 87,500 tonnes in that same period.

According to FIS World News, the primary causes of the decrease are due to the lower sales of fishmeal and canned products.

Fishmeal exports in Dec. 2013 amounted to 120,200 tonnes while in Dec. 2014 they finished at 36.200 tonnes. This brings Peru’s exports of fishmeal abroad to a 69.9% drop.

The primary receivers of Peruvian fishmeal exports were China, Germany, Chile, and Japan who totaled 704,990 tonnes of sales until Dec. 2014.

A contrary trend was seen in fish oil exports, as they increased from 2013 to 2014 seeing a 38.3% rise. Exports in 2013 amounted to 97,800 tonnes and rose to 153,300 tonnes in 2014 of the same 12 month period. Countries importing Peruvian fish oil included Denmark, Belgium, Chile, and Norway amounting to 103,526 tonnes up to last December of 2014.