Thursday , February 27 2020
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FBR to reorganise PRAL

FBR to reorganise PRAL

ISLAMABAD: FBR is reportedly going to reorganise Pakistan Revenue Automaton Limited (PRAL) in order to monitor and evaluate performance of the organisation.

Sources said that the Board of Directors’ meeting, to reconstitute PRAL and to end influence of few officials on the organisation, would be convened, after the Board in Council meeting during the current month. The method of reconstituting PRAL Board of Management and PRAL Board of Directors would be discussed in the meeting.

According to details, the PRAL was incorporated as a private limited company with 100 percent share holding by FBR. Initially, all administrative and financial powers were vested in the Board of Directors. The BoD in its meeting held on September 17, 1995 approved delegation of Powers to CEO to run routine matters of the company and powers to make capital expenditure were delegated to a committee comprising two directors of PRAL’s BoD and CEO. However, later on majority of the said powers were delegated by the Board of Directors to the Board of Management through a Resolution titled “Pakistan Automation (Pvt) Ltd. Delegation of Administrative and Financial Powers – 1998”.

Under the originally composed PRAL’s BoD structure, PRAL Chief Executive Officer was the Chairman of the PRAL BoD; General Manager, Member; Company Secretary, Member; Manager Finance, Member/Secretary; Senior Project Managers (concerned), Member and Head of Services and Admn Department would be Member of the PRAL BoD. However, the said composition was changed and PRAL’s BoM is currently composed as: Chief Executive Officer, Chairman; General Manager (IT Operations), Member; General Manager (Development), Member; General Manager (Finance), Member and SA to CEO, Secretary.

Recently, IT Wing has been created to supervise and control PRAL. However, IT Wing has no role in administrative and financial working of PRAL, due to which it cannot perform its given role as per the job description; It has been proposed that PRAL’s BoM may be reconstituted as under: FBR Member (IT), Chairman of BoM; Chief (IT), Member; Secretary (IT), Member; Secretary (IT), Member; PRAL Chief Executive Officer, Member; General Manager (Automation), Member; General Manager (Software Development), Member and General Manager (Finance) would be Member/Secretary of the BoM.

Sources said the present composition of PRAL’s Board of Directors is as under:- Chairman, FBR, Chairman of the PRAL’s BoD; Member (Customs), FBR, Member; Member (IR Operations), FBR, Member; Member (Admn), FBR, Member; Member (Legal), FBR, Member; Member (SP&S), FBR, Member; Member (HRM), FBR, Member and Chief Executive Officer, PRAL is Member of the BoD. A new post of Member (IT), FBR has been created who is not on the BoD of PRAL. It has been proposed that PRAL’s BoD may be reconstituted to include Member (IT), FBR, as director.