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FBR suspends 41 customs officials for three months

FBR suspends 41 customs officials for three months


ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Thursday suspended 41 officials of Pakistan Customs Department for a period of three months with immediate effect.

Following inspectors of BS-16 have been suspended:

S.No. Names & Designation                     Present place of posting

1       Rehamtullah Khan, Inspector,        MCC, (E&C), Quetta

2       Shehzada Aamir, Inspector               MCC, (E&C), Quetta

3       Mehmood -ul-Hassan, Inspector    Directorate of Transit Trade, Peshawar

4       Mir Zaman, Superintendent             MCC, (E&C), Peshawar

5       Amjad Maqbool Butt, Inspector     Directorate of Transit Trade, Peshawar

6       Irshad Akbar, Inspector   Directorate of Transit Trade, Peshawar.

  1. Azeem Khan Marwat, Inspector Directorate of Transit Trade,  Peshawar

8       Sagheer Baig, Inspector                     MCC, (A&F), Peshawar

9       Azhar Jalil, Appraising Officer           MCC, (A&F), Peshawar

10     Zia Ur Rehman, Inspector                  MCC, (A&F), Peshawar

11     Abdur Rahim, Inspector                      MCC, (A&F), Peshawar

12     Anika Malik, Appraising Officer      MCC, (A&F), Peshawar

13     Ms. Faiqa, Appraising Officer           MCC, (A&F), Peshawar

14     Saima Sweety, Appraising Officer   MCC, (A&F), Peshawar

15     Muhammad Arshad, Inspector       MCC, (A&F), Peshawar

16     Muhammad Junaid, Inspector        MCC, (A&F), Peshawar

17     Gulzar Muhammad, Inspector        MCC, (A&F), Peshawar

  1. Zafar Iqbal Joota, Inspector           MCC, (E&C), Multan (posted at MCC, AIIA), Lahore.

19     Muhammad Ali Jamali, S/o Hazoor Bakhsh, Inspector  MCC, Gwadar

20     Mashooq Ali, Inspector  MCC, (JIAP), Karachi

21     Muhammad Ali Jamali, S/o Wahid Bakhsh, Inspector   MCC, Gwadar

22     Saeed-uz-Rehman, Inspector MCC, Hyderabad

23     Manzoor Ahmed Khoso, Senior Preventive Officer        MCC, (E&C), Karachi

24     Saddam Hussain Bhalkani, Preventive Officer MCC, (E&C), Karachi

The following officials of Customs Department are placed under suspension under Rule 5(1) of the Government Servants (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules, 1973, for a period of three months with immediate effect:-

S.No.Name and Designation                     Present Posting

1       Haji Abdullah Achakzai, Sepoy        MCC, (E&C), Quetta

2       Abdul Ghani, Sepoy                             MCC, (E&C), Quetta

3       Kala Khan, Havaldar                           MCC, (E&C), Quetta

4       Muhammad Javaid, S/o Ali Bahadur, Sepoy  MCC, (E&C), Quetta

5       Abdul Sattar Bangulzai, Sepoy        MCC, (E&C), Quetta

6       Abdul Kabeer, Sepoy       MCC, (E&C), Quetta

7       Muhammad Sarwar, Sepoy    MCC, (E&C), Quetta

8       Lehna Khan, Sepoy MCC, Gwadar

9       Saeed Ahmed Mirwani, Sepoy        MCC, Gwadar

10     Ravi Lal, LDC    Directorate of Transit Trade, Peshawar

11     Manzoor Hussain, LDC    Directorate of Transit Trade, Peshawar

12     Rana Muhammad Ashraf, Havaldar        MCC, (E&C), Multan

13     Muhammad Asad, Sepoy        MCC, (E&C), Multan

14     Muhammad Yousaf, Sepoy     MCC, (E&C), Multan

15     Sajjad Ali Memon, Sepoy         MCC, Hyderabad

16     Hamzo Khan, Sepoy         MCC, Hyderabad

17     Ghulam Shabir Ahmed Bhutto, Sepoy    MCC, Hyderabad