Thursday , October 1 2020
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FBR seeks Finance Ministry to take ADRS down

FBR seeks Finance Ministry to take ADRS down

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue asked the Finance Ministry to take down Alternative Dispute Resolution System (ADRS) due to its poor performance.
The Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADRS) offers companies an opportunity to apply full force of the law efficiently and effectively. Whereas the system has no option but to apply justice through the natural course of a blocked court schedule, a mediator is mutually agreed upon by all the parties involved to interact with one another and hammer out a solution to the problem which is recognized by the law under Section 89 A and order X Rule 1A of the CPC.
A Mediator is an impartial trained professional to help disputed parties find solutions to their issues. The Mediator is skilled in unlocking these negotiations, keeping everyone focused on finding a mutually agreeable solution.
The FBR had refused all decision made under ADRS over the past two years and decided to request removal of the law. ADRS was made part of the Finance Bill during Gen Mushraf’s regime. The main reason behind the FBR refusal to implement the ADRS decisions, was that people who had been facing legal proceedings with commissioner or at other forums of the board, when appealed in ADRS their cases are froze in FBR. Moreover, if decision of ADRS declares decision against the applicant he/she enjoys the right to resume his appeal in forums of FBR.
Another drawback of ADRS is that it has been consisted of three members, one from FBR and two from chamber of commerce to resolve disputes after mutual consultation among the committee members. As two members are from business community they try to favour their business colleagues that’s why all decision made by ADRS were in favour of applicant and not the FBR.
The promulgation of the law was aimed at curbing corruption and decreasing legal disputes among the business community. However, now The FBR has decided to request the Finance Ministry to take the dispensation down because the system has failed to bring about the desired results.