Friday , February 21 2020
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FBR recommends 71 customs superintendents for promotion to BS-17

FBR recommends 71 customs superintendents for promotion to BS-17

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued recommended 71 customs superintendents of (BS-16) for promotion into BS-17 after completion of their three year service.

Details are as under:-

  1. Superintendent Iqbal Ahmed, Hyderabad
  2. Superintendent Shabbir Ahmed, Appraisement Peshawar.
  3. Superintendent Muhammad Azim, Transit Trade Peshawar.
  4. Superintendent Mehtab Gul Mian Gilgit-Baltistan
  5. Superintendent Nasir Bukhari, Preventive, Peshawar
  6. Superintendent Gul Muhamad, Preventive, Peshawar
  7. Superintendent Amanullah, Preventive, Peshawar
  8. Superintendent Gul Said, Gilgit-Baltistan
  9. Superintendent Tariq Hussain, RTO-II, Karachi
  10. Superintendent Javed Ibrahim, RTO, Hyderabad
  11. Superintendent Ejaz Ali, RTO, Karachi
  12. Superintendent Pervaiz Ahmed, RTO Karachi
  13. Superintendent Javed Younis, Internal Audit, Karachi
  14. Superintendent Farooq Ahmed Nadim, RTO-III Karachi
  15. Superintendent Saleem Riaz, RTO-II, Karachi
  16. Superintendent Zahid Saleem, I&I Lahore
  17. Superintendent S.M. Abbas Jafri, Internal Audit, Lahore
  18. Superintendent Muhammad Saleem Mandkhel Preventive Quetta.
  19. Superintendent Khurshid Iqbal Hasni, Preventive Quetta
  20. Superintendent Rozi Muhammad Khan, Gwadar
  21. Superintendent Saeed Ahmed Baluch, Gwadar
  22. Superintendent S. Ishfaq Hussain, Peshawar
  23. Superintendent Muhammad Yasin, Gilgit-Baltistan
  24. Superintendent Masood Anwar Sherazi, Islamabad
  25. Superintendent Arif Zaman Dar, Islamabad
  26. Superintendent Asghar Ali Saleem, Islamabad
  27. Superintendent Ata-ur-Rehman, Appraisement, Peshawar
  28. Superintendent Fakhar Iqbal, Islamabad
  29. Superintendent Asad Ali Shah, Transit Trade, Peshawar
  30. Superintendent Matloob Hussain Shah, Islamabad
  31. Superintendent Tariq Pervaiz, Appraisement, Peshawar
  32. Superintendent Shaheen Ahmed, Islamabad
  33. Superintendent Ihsan Qadir Kayani, Peshawar
  34. Superintendent Raziq Malik, Islamabad
  35. Superintendent Abdul Ghafoor
  36. Superintendent S. Jamil Hussain, Peshawar.
  37. Superintendent Tariq Iqbal Peshawar
  38. Superintendent Abdul Malik, Rawalpindi
  39. Superintendent Farakh Azeem Satti, Islamabad
  40. Superintendent Naveed Ahmed Babar, Islamabad
  41. Superintendent K.M. Wahabuddin, RTO-III, Karachi
  42. Superintendent Saleem Shah, Hyderabad
  43. Superintendent Shafi Leghari, RTO-Karachi
  44. Superintendent Saifuddin Muhammad Khalid Hashmi, Quetta
  45. Superintendent Sikandar Hayat Khanzada, Karachi
  46. Superintendent Habibur Rehman, Multan
  47. Superintendent Habib Hussain Bhatti, Multan
  48. Superintendent Abid Hussain Malik, Islamabad
  49. Superintendent Rashid Saeed, Peshawar
  50. Superintendent Muhammad Basharat, Islamabad
  51. Superintendent Ali Hayat Khan, Islamabad
  52. Superintendent, Imran Ahmed, Islamabad
  53. Superintendent Asif Rahim Bhatti, Peshwar
  54. Superintendent S.M. Aurangzeb, Islamabad
  55. Superintendent Waheed Zaman, Peshawar
  56. Superintendent Taimoor Sultan, Islamabad
  57. Superintendent Shaukat Malik, Islamabad
  58. Superintendent Hamid Nawaz, Islamabad
  59. Superintendent Amir Aman Ullah, Islamabad
  60. Superintendent Jamil Akhtar Raja, Islamabad
  61. Superintendent Ahmad Junaid, Islamabad
  62. Superintendent Muhammad Fayyaz, Islamabad
  63. Superintendent Muhammad Arif Jamal, PCA Karachi
  64. Superintendent Qasim Ali Alvi, Gwadar
  65. Superintendent Saeeduz Zaman, LTU-III Karachi
  66. Superintendent Raza Sajid, LTU-II, Karachi
  67. Superintendent Muhammad Aziz Malik, Karachi
  68. Superintendent Muhammad Younus, Karachi
  69. Superintendent Mohammad Anwar, Karachi
  70. Superintendent Syed Merajuddin Din Alvi, Karachi
  71. Superintendent Syed Muhammad Arshad Karachi