Thursday , December 3 2020
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FBR swings into action to clear export consignment of wood products

FBR swings into action to clear export consignment of wood products

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue has swing into action to clear the export consignment, comprising finished wood products withheld by the Customs Department in Karachi. The board has issued directives to and sough comment from MCC Karachi and MCC Port Qasim on the request of the Climate Change Division (CCD) to allow export of the consignment.

It is to be noted that the consignment destined for China has been withheld by the Customs Department under Export Policy Order-2013. I

It has been learnt that the FBR has directed the Customs Collector to submit its report on the ‘export of sawn wood parts of portable polished outdoor barbecue wooden tables’. The CCD apprised the FBR that the consignment owner M/s Trading Constellation (Pvt) Ltd had approached the division for clearance of the export consignment stopped by the Customs on the plea that timber and wood were included in Schedule-I of the Export Policy 2013.

The CCD informed the FBR that under Chapter 94 of Pakistan Customs Tariff export of manufactured wooden products was allowed besides citing the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics figures that Pakistan had earned huge foreign exchange during financial year 2012-13 from the export of such products.

The company informed the CCD that it had signed an accord with a Chinese company for manufacturing and export of the subject tables. As these tables are to be installed in open air it needs to be in natural form and do not need to be in ultra finished shape. However according to the agreement these tables are to be glossy polished.

The company claimed that the Custom authorities were considering the goods as raw timber export whereas the company according to the requirement of importer in China, had manufactured the goods in Multan from Sawan wood and after finishing the parts had been polished with high grade polish besides each part was also packed in corrugated sheet having unique number showing its part number on it for perusal of Custom authorities.

The company stated that it was earning substantial foreign exchange against the export of these products and had already received in advance the sale price of goods $26,000 for each container, having 50 tables from its importer in China through legal banking channel. It requested for clearance of the consignment which processed according to the prevailing rules and regulations and its delay or cancellation will deprived the country of precious foreign exchange.

Taking up the request, the CCD approached the FBR to get cleared the export consignment.