Tuesday , July 14 2020
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FBR asked to check delay in clearance of goods at AFU

FBR asked to check delay in clearance of goods at AFU

KARACHI: The importers have been facing immense problems in clearance of their consignments through Immediate Clearance Group (ICG) at Air Freight Unit (AFU) of Jinnah International Airport (JIAP).

They were of the view that the examination of their consignments were being delayed due to some “so-called” security measures taken by Air Port Security Force.

Importers, while sharing their views with Customs Today, said that some cargo arrived at airport need immediate clearance and the importers who import the consignments by air want instant release of their consignments.

“The clearance charges (duty/taxes) of the consignments through air route were much higher than sea route and dry ports. However; delay in examination put extra burden on the importers in form of demurrage charges,” they added.

When contacted, one of the senior officers of Pakistan Customs at AFU-JIAP admitted that the examination of the consignments have delayed sometime due to security reason, although the customs staff tried their best to release them as soon as possible.

The importers were of the view that the personnel of Airport Security Force (ASF) open the gates of the Gerry’s Dnata shed, which was destroyed in airport attack, in different timings without prior intimation to the importers.

“The timings of opening the shed gates are being changed in every day and the importers do not know about the timings, which results in delay in lifting the imported consignments from the shed and ultimately affect the trade”, they added.

They further said that the “un-authorised” persons, commonly known as ‘lapoos’ were also affecting on the working affairs of Pakistan Customs at JIAP, as they demand hefty amount for making bridge between importer/trader and Customs officer.

The importers demanded of the FBR take notice of the miserable situation in the examination area of AFU-JIAP to facilitate the trade and trader.