Friday , October 2 2020
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FBR announces deadlines for filing tax returns

FBR announces deadlines for filing tax returns

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced August 31 as last date for the salaried persons and September 30 for non-salaried persons to file their tax returns.

Official said that the deadlines for filing the tax returns are for all existing and new tax filers. He said the FBR was committed to broadening the tax net for strengthening of the national economy and to enhance tax to GDP ratio.

The official said that FBR had collected Rs 140 billion during first month of current fiscal year 2015-16.

He said the amount is six percent extra as compared to the previous year as the FBR collected Rs 133 billion in July last year.

The performance of FBR is very encouraging in the start of current fiscal year and figures shows six per cent increase in collection of taxes, he added.

He said that FBR was aiming to issue the notices to those non-compliant persons, who have not returned their tax files.

He said that the FBR’s administrative reforms were gradually leading to improvement in tax structure and revenue collection.

The reforms will continue for addressing the issue of tax compliance and administration, he said.

The persons drawing annual salaries ranging from Rs 400,000 to Rs 500,000 per year have to file their tax returns. However, those are drawing annual salary less than Rs 400,000 are exempted from filing returns.

However, the FBR Spokesman said the government directed all chief commissioners of Regional Tax office to accelerate the efforts for the broadening of tax base.