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FBR allows Royal Qatari family to import 43 falcons

FBR allows Royal Qatari family to import 43 falcons

ISLAMABAD: Consenting to a request of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) granted the import of 43 falcons by a member of the royal family of Qatar for hunting season in Pakistan. The Ministry had written a formal letter to the FBR which was accepted by the customs authorities.

It is to be noted that the royal family has already been permitted to import 35 falcons and now the import of eight more falcons has been allowed to the royal family. In a letter to the FBR, the Foreign Affairs Ministry presented its compliments to the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Islamabad and with reference to their verbal note No QEI/8/14/DIG/26-035 dated 0.01.2014 regarding import-cum-export permission for falcons has the honour to accord approval for temporary import-cum-export of (08) falcons for His Excellency Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Thani Al Thani, Member of the Royal family of the State of Qatar, for hunting season 2013-14. These falcons are in addition to the import-cum-export permit for 35 falcons already issued in favour of the dignitary.

These falcons will be re-exported to the State of Qatar at the end of hunting season 2013-2014. The following conditions will apply in this regard: Firstly, the falcons will be imported against proper documentation/passport, which will carry tag numbers and other details of the birds. Secondly, all the birds will be individually photographed by the Custom authorities at the time of entry/import into Pakistan. The Photos must be matched accordingly when the birds are being exported back to Qatar. Tagging (chipping) may also be done at the time of entry to prevent misuse. Thirdly, re-export of falcons will take place through the same airport from where the birds were brought into Pakistan. Fourthly, no falcons will be allowed to be imported for training purposes and no local purchase/export of local falcons will be allowed.