Monday , July 6 2020
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Faisalabad I&I torches contraband items at dryport

Faisalabad I&I torches contraband items at dryport

FAISALABAD: The Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation destroyed contraband items including foreign origin digital satellite receiver, sexual medicine and other items.

Deputy Director Rana Irfan Shoukat initiated the destruction of contraband and smuggled items at the ground of the Faisalabad Dry Port along with Superintendent Muhammad Tahir Iqbal and Intelligence Officer Mansoor Nasir.

Almost 19 big lots of destroyed items were seized by the Customs Intelligence and Investigation in various anti- smuggling operations at the different locations of its jurisdiction.

The destroyed items were in huge quantity and they were captured at the different operations from locations and the contraband items were also from various origins of the world. The destroyed items arrived at the Faisalabad Dry Port was loaded on the two trucks for destruction.

The items destroyed by Anti-Smuggling Organization includes Milano cigarette 50000, sexual medicine 162800 pills, foreign origin betel nuts 45261 kilograms, Pan Parag 86578 kilograms, Chic chewing gum 1560 packets, foreign origin cigarette 225200 in different brands.

All the destroyed items were adjudicated from the Customs Adjudication and their destruction was pending from last year.

Deputy Director Rana Irfan Shoukat told Customs Today that these smuggled items were destroyed due to the reason that their consumption for the human health was harmful and most of the smuggled items were destroyed due to their over expiry.

He inscribed on the query that these items were held in our warehouses from very long time and after the approval of Federal Board of Revenue these items were destroyed. He further said that this destruction of goods shown commitment of department against smuggling and its good gesture to prevent the region from the smuggling and it will protect the lives of masses from these harmful contraband elements.