Monday , December 9 2019
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Dubai Police seized 41,000 banned items from travellers

Dubai Police seized 41,000 banned items from travellers

Dubai: Dubai Police confiscated around 41,000 prohibited items that travellers carried in their baggage last year, an official said on Wednesday.

With the numbers of travellers increasing at Dubai International Airport, officials are urging people to arrive at the airport early to avoid delays and ease the movement of other travellers.

Brigadier Mohammad Ahmad Bin Dylan, deputy director of Airports Security Department in Dubai Police, said that prohibited items like liquids, sharp tools, lighters, needles, scissors and others will only disturb the traffic movement in the busiest airport in the world.

“Travellers should be aware of what to carry with them in their checked baggage or handbags in order not to cause delay in queues or onboarding. Last year, around 41,000 prohibited items were seized in July and August,” said Brig Bin Dylan at a press conference to launch an awareness campaign.

He said that travellers should cooperate with airport authorities to ensure speedy procedures to catch their flights as Dubai Airport recorded 89.6 million travellers last year.

“Every month there are 10 million travellers at Dubai Airports. In vacation season the numbers even become bigger. If there is a prohibited item in the baggage then we summoned the traveller to open the bag and it takes time.”

On Wednesday, the police launched the campaign titled ‘Let your travel be fun’ to raise awareness among travellers in cooperation with Pakistani, Indian, Philippines and Bangladeshi consulates in Dubai.

“We choose those nationalities as the majority of travellers are from them. We will have posters and flyers to distribute even in labour accommodations as many workers are not familiar with travel procedures and what is prohibited to carry with them on travelling,” Brig bin Dylan added.