Thursday , November 26 2020
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Dubai Police foil bids to smuggle 5kg cocaine

Dubai Police foil bids to smuggle 5kg cocaine

DUBAI: The General Department of Anti-Narcotics of the Dubai Police recently foiled two attempts of smuggling over 5kg cocaine via the Dubai International Airport in two different operations.

In the first operation, the anti-narcotics authorities at the airport’s entry sections managed to arrest a Tanzanian man, identified as S.A.K., who was coming from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The anti-drugs officer stopped the man based on reliable information they had received that he was a drug smuggler. After confirming his identity, when the Dubai customs officials frisked him and scanned his luggage in an X-ray, they noticed a strange substance in his stomach. He was referred to the Dubai Police General Department of Anti-Narcotics and then to Rashid Hospital where he was kept for three days, during which he disposed 103 capsules containing cocaine weighing 2kg and 177gm.

In the second operation, the police arrested an African woman suspect, identified as N.R, who was coming from Sao Paulo on her way to Johannesburg in South Africa via the Dubai International Airport. The anti-drug officials at the Dubai International Airport intercepted N.R, after receiving accurate information that she was involved in the smuggling of drugs. On searching the woman’s luggage, the officers found three plastic bags containing cocaine weighing 3kg and 184gm.