Thursday , February 27 2020
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Dubai passenger tries to smuggle drugs in stomach

Dubai passenger tries to smuggle drugs in stomach

A 23-year-old man was caught at a Dubai airport trying to smuggle 1kg of crystal meth and more than 34 grams of hashish in his stomach, the Court of First Instance has heard.

The Afghan man arrived at the Dubai International Airport on February 18 this year and was arrested by the customs inspectors.

He has been accused of smuggling drugs for peddling.

“He arrived at Terminal 3 of the airport and raised suspicion of my colleague as he was turning around a lot and was not walking normally. He referred him to me for search,” a customs inspector told the prosecutor.

The inspector recalled that the traveller told him that he had nothing to declare. “I did not find any banned substance in his bags. I noticed he looked exhausted and could not wait to leave the airport.”

The officer referred the man to the body scanner. “Strange objects were found in his stomach. He confessed he had swallowed 120 capsules of drugs claiming he did not know which kind it is. The defendant later dropped 49 capsules in the toilet and they contained crystal meth.”

During public prosecution investigation, the accused admitted that he brought 120 capsules of drugs and was to deliver it to a person here. He claimed he was to be paid $1,500 for the job.

According to the Dubai police crime lab report, 120 capsules were seized from the accused – 118 capsules contained crystal meth and two had hashish.