Friday , October 30 2020
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Dubai Customs thwarts smuggling bid of 6kg heroin, 46g opium

Dubai Customs thwarts smuggling bid of 6kg heroin, 46g opium

DUBAI: Dubai Customs inspectors at Dubai International Airport – Terminal 2 thwarted a smuggling bid of 6.25 kg of heroin and 46.2 g of opium, hidden by an Asian passenger in his baggage.

Falah Khalil Al Samak, Director of Dubai International Terminal 2 Passenger Operations Department, said that inspectors suspected the Asian passenger after he went through the passport control point.  Screening his bags showed secret pockets that after a manual search revealed 6.25 kg of heroin. A further search uncovered the presence of another dark-coloured substance, which later found out to be 46.2 grams of opium.

Subjected to interrogation by investigators of the Passenger Operations Department, the passenger admitted possession of the narcotics. Accordingly, the case report, the seized items, the passenger and his statements were handed over to the Dubai General Department of Anti-Narcotics for further investigations and necessary legal action.

It is worthwhile noting that Dubai Customs’ Passengers Operation Department had recorded 25 heroin seizures during the past nine months, divided upon DXB’s three terminals, with a total weight of 60 kg. The flagship seizure was in deterring the smuggling attempt of 24 kg of pure heroin hidden inside concealed pockets in five travelling bags of an Asian UAE resident returning to Dubai.

Al Samak also noted that the Passenger Operations Department at Dubai Customs exerts diligent efforts to facilitate and expedite the flow of legitimate travel and trade through airports, as well as safeguard the local economy and community against any threats to their safety.

He stressed that Dubai Customs is keen to ensure inspectors are equipped with first-hand experience and up-to-date knowledge to enable them to grasp the ever-changing tricks played by smugglers. Specialized courses are carried out for inspectors on drug types, smuggling techniques and decoding body language amongst many other top notch expert trainings. These courses help inspectors perform their duties and achieve the vision, mission and corporate values of Dubai Customs.