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Dubai Customs launches advanced gold, jewellery valuation training programme

DUBAI: The Dubai Customs Training Centre has inaugurated a new training course specialised in gold and jewellery valuation.

The training course is in line with Dubai Customs’ commitment to building staff capabilities and strengthening their qualifications, thereby enabling them -with high efficiency-to better protect UAE ports, and to promote legal trade internationally.

The design of the new Gold and Jewellery Training package is on the list of the Centre’s 2013 priorities and is intended to address recent changes in the global business environment. For Customs employees to be fully acquainted with methods for dealing with traders and clients is of great importance owing to Dubai’s international reputation as a leading gold and jewellery market. Trainees will become able to proficiently provide accurate estimates of the actual value of gold and jewellery pieces, as accurate valuation contributes to promoting competitiveness in this area.

According to Feryal Tawakul, Director of the Dubai Customs Training Centre, the Customs Training Centre seeks to promote its training practices to international levels of professionalism, and to establish a deeper understanding of the significance of training and trainees’ needs, along with facilitating reliance on national staff who are highly qualified in all customs work fields.

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