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Dubai customs gets 84% supplier satisfaction in 2014

Dubai customs gets 84% supplier satisfaction in 2014

DUBAI: Dubai customs got 84 percent supplier satisfaction in 2014 with an increase of 4% compared to 2013.

The survey was conducted jointly by DC’s Strategy and Corporate Excellence Department and the Administration Affairs Department, in cooperation with an external research company.

The study shows an 85% supplier satisfaction over services of the Contract & Purchasing Section, and 83% with services provided by the Finance Department.

“With a sample pool of nearly 100 active suppliers registered with Dubai Customs, the survey was aimed to measure suppliers’ satisfaction with our services, enhance stakeholder engagement and communication, and receive feedback concerning corrective actions to be taken to improve our performance,” said Director of Strategy and Corporate Excellence at Dubai Customs, Ahmed Abdul Salam Kazim.

Kazim pointed out that satisfaction over delivering up-to-date, sufficient and accurate information and keeping vendors informed about any changes went up to 84 %, while satisfaction with providing multichannel easy access to information scored 83%.

“Dubai Customs has seen a noticeable improvement in supplier satisfaction in terms of putting in place streamlined supply transactions, scoring 85%. Vendors’ satisfaction over developing techniques to improve the quality of contracts was 86%, while satisfaction over supporting joint development projects was measured at 84%. The survey also revealed that DC’s initiatives pertaining to supplier needs analysis scored 81% satisfaction. Moreover, 83% of the surveyed were satisfied with Customs measures for disseminating the concept, skills, and practices of innovation and creative thinking.”

Ahmed Obaid Al Falasi, director of Administration Affairs Department, commended the fruitful collaboration  between Dubai Customs and suppliers , saying : “Dubai Customs is proud of its network of suppliers,  with whom we engage based on a  win- win relationship. Besides maintaining a high level of transparency towards achieving mutual interest, we also take any suggestions and remarks from our suppliers very seriously  in order to enhance contractual rules as well as order and payment procedures.”

The Dubai Customs’ Administration Affairs Director said that 85% of suppliers confirmed DC’s transparency in vendor evaluation and selection, while 84% of them were satisfied with the clarity of procedures in terms of contractual documentation and purchasing orders. And 85% of vendors believed that Dubai Customs grants a fair opportunity for new companies to participate in tenders and procurement orders and has a sound decision-making process with clear criteria.

Practically speaking, the survey was carried out to get deep insights into the real problems that suppliers face when doing business with Dubai Customs and to ultimately find solutions to these issues. “To further leverage supplier satisfaction, the survey’s questions were carefully designed to identify the best practices to be applied as per the suppliers’ experiences with other government bodies as well as their expectations from collaborating with Dubai Customs,” said Shamsa Ai Raisi, strategy senior manager at the Strategy and Corporate Excellence Department of Dubai Customs.