Sunday , August 9 2020
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DIG Motorway issues charge sheet against DSP Waqar on complaint filed by Customs

DIG Motorway issues charge sheet against DSP Waqar on complaint filed by Customs

ISLAMABAD: The Deputy Inspector-General Motorway police issued charge sheet against DSP Waqar Ahmad Chaudhary on complaint of the MCC Islamabad for misusing of powers against offending vehicles carrying smuggled goods.

According to document provided to Customs Today it said that pursuing the SOP (standard operating procedures) Rao Fahid AC (Assistant Collector) Customs MCC (model customs Collectorate) Islamabad contacted Zonal office Motorway and informed about the bus no: LES 457 in the area of beat-4, M-1, that said bus was carrying (NDP) non customs duty paid goods from Peshawar to Islamabad. The same was conveyed to DSP Waqar Ahmad Chaudhary to halt the said vehicle at suitable location and hand over to AC Customs for further legal action as per SOP meanwhile DSP Waqar Chaudhary informed Zonal office that above mentioned bus stopped near Islamabad main toll plaza M-1 in his presence and concerned AC Customs was also informed by him to reach the spot.

After a short while DSP Waqar again informed Zonal office that the said bus escaped from the scene taking U-turn and exited from motorway (Tarnol Fateh Jang toll plaza of beat 4-M-1), this depicted non-professionalism on part of the concerned DSP as well as would cast a very bad impression to the good image of the department.

It also told that being a supervising officer it was responsibility of Waqar Ahmad to handle the situation in a professional way but the current scenario speaks volume of non-professionalism, misconduct and failure to discharge the duties in an efficient and improper way as per NHMP (national highway and motorway police) SOPs. It was mentioned that DSP Waqar Ahmad became the source of creating not only an embarrassing situation but also tarnishing the image of the department in eyes of general public as well as other agencies i.e. the Customs and FWO (Frontiers Works Organization) etc.

It notified that once the bus was stopped then its successful escape from the scene after taking U-turn on carriageway in presence of NHMP officer and patrolling vehicle is unacceptable, the whole episode is a question mark on the performance, devotion and determination towards discharge of the official duties.

After ending of the above episode Ishfaq Ahmad the DIG (Deputy Inspector General of Police) who issued charge sheet against the DSP Waqar which quoted that “the Authority in case of DSP Waqar in terms of rules of National Highways and Motorways Police (efficiency & Discipline rules) is of the opinion that sufficient grounds exist to proceed against him in terms of rules 3(a) and (b)’.