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DGTR initiates contemporary programmes for newly-appointed ACs, DCs: Director Rubina Wasti

DGTR initiates contemporary programmes for newly-appointed ACs, DCs: Director Rubina Wasti

KARACHI: The World Customs Organisation (WCO) has declared the Directorate General of Training and Research (DGTR), Karachi, as a regional hub of Customs training.

This was revealed by Directorate General of Training and Research Director Rubina Wasti during an exclusive interview with Customs Today at her office.

Speaking her mind, Rubina Wasti informed Customs Today that objective of the Directorate General Training & Research (DGTR) was to portray soft image of Pakistan Customs and the Directorate while keeping its importance in view. The Directorate had launched updated programmes, training sessions, seminars and other activities on the website, she added.

“The DGTR, despite meagre resources, has been acting as a catalyst for transforming young inductees and operating staff including preventive officials through quality training”, she pointed out.

She claimed that the DGTR was also initiating contemporary programmes for newly-appointed Assistant Collectors and educating them on the Customs tariff and advance programmes of World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Rubina Wasti further revealed that refresher courses had also been initiated for the Customs officers including Assistant Collectors (ACs) and Deputy Collectors (DCs), adding that interactive seminars for Collectors and Additional Collectors were also being organised from time to time for their convenience.

“The DGTR organises training sessions on regular basis to facilitate trade bodies including importers, exporters and Customs agents,” she said, adding that these training sessions were mandatory for Customs agents and other stakeholders.

Highlighting the importance of DGTR, Rubina Wasti maintained that the Directorate organised budget related discussions and post-budget seminars while multi-national companies were being facilitated with holding seminars at the DGTR Building with a view to increase revenue.

“We are striving hard to facilitate trade bodies and other stakeholders by holding training sessions and seminars fortnightly”, she asserted.

Rubina Wasti revealed that the DGTR had established an International Research Centre for countering drugs trafficking and details of which were also available on the United Nations (UN) website.

Replying to a question, she said that the DGTR in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) had also completed a “Business Interactive Session” for Japanese and more such sessions would also be organised for Malaysians and other neighbouring countries.

“Now, we have an efficient computerised system and Pakistan Customs has been rendering invaluable services despite limited resources. However, other agencies have been portraying Pakistan Customs as a corrupt department”, she claimed.

On the occasion, Rubina Wasti urged that the field formation officers/officials of Pakistan Customs to project their good works, adding that Pakistan Customs should take other agencies on board in border security management and other affairs related to security issues.

Citing the example of United States of America (USA), Rubina Wasti said that all agencies were working under the Customs authorities in the US and such strategy should be replicated in Pakistan, she stressed.

To a query, the DGTR Director said that the Directorate was imparting quality training on trade to build capacity of the importers, exporters and other stakeholders.

To another query, Rubina Wasti said that the DGTR also provided training to Customs officers from friendly countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and others as per recommendations of World Customs Organisation (WCO).

She highlighted that the DGTR also organised courses regarding anti-money laundering, risk management, change management and other such issues for officers of Pakistan Customs and other friendly countries.

Rubina Wasti lauded the efforts of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for raising revenue collection and broadening tax net, saying the FBR was the nucleus of the country’s revenue collection. The officers/officials of Pakistan Customs would spare no effort to facilitate trade and traders, she added.

On the occasion, DGTR Director Rubina Wasti showered FBR Chairman Tariq Bajwa with praise for his sagacious steps to transform FBR into a vibrant organisation.

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