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DGI&I Customs thwarts tax evasion of $1.5-2m on fake documents

DGI&I Customs thwarts tax evasion of $1.5-2m on fake documents

KARACHI: Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation Customs, Karachi Region has detected a massive case of tax evasion worth $1.5 million to $ 2 million on fake export documents i.e. Form-E used in five consignments.

According to details, the DGI&I Customs, Karachi Region had received credible information that some unscrupulous exporters were trying to export goods on fake export documents. In pursuance of the information, the directorate kept strict vigilance on particular export consignments and subsequently intercepted and detained 5 consignments placed at Karachi International Containers Terminal (KICT) and Pakistan International Containers Terminal (PICT).

As per details, the accused filed first Goods Declaration (GD) on January 11 through GD no KPEX-SB-73927 for export at PICT against the container PCIU-8202604. The second GD no KPEX-SB-76306 was filed on January 17 at KICT against the three containers APHU-6408980, APHU-6775970 and GESU-5580312. The third GD no KPEX-SB-76318 was filed on the same date at KICT against six containers APHU-6117794, FCIU-8607691, TCNU-5034605, TCNU-8411683, TCNU-9212897 and TGHU-7740618. The fourth GD no KPEX-SB-76832 was filed on January 19 at PICT against container PCIU-9996160 and the fifth, last GD, was filed on January 20 at PICT against a container CAIU-3336881.

The GDs were filed by M/s G&S Manufacturer having NTN number 3967785 and Sales Tax Registration No. 24-00-3967-785-16 through customs’ computerized system WeBOC for export of goods pertaining to Form-E issued by a private bank.

During the scrutiny, it was found that the name of the bank mentioned in the GDs was different than the one found on the hard copies of GDs provided by the MCC-Exports. After finding the fake Form-E, I&I Customs further examined all 12 containers in the presence of clearing agents, representatives of KICT and PICT and independent witnesses.

During the examination, it was found that the goods declared on the GDs were cotton dyed fabric and garments. However; after examination, it was found that the exporter did not declare a number of items such as shoes, caps, carpets, pie nut etc. and was also trying to export branded footballs of Nike, Adidas, Mikasa, Petra in the garb of textile fabric.

Since, the exporter has not only used fake Forms-E, but has also involved in mis-declaration and violated the provisions of Section 16, 32(A) &131 of the Customs Act, 1969 read with SRO 209(1)/2009 punishable under Clauses 14-A, (45) &77 of the Section 156(1) of the Customs Act, 1969 read with Sr. no 3 of Export Policy Order, 2013 read with the Section 3(1) of the Import Export Control Act, 1950.

A senior officer of Intelligence & Investigation Customs informed Customs Today that efforts are being made to locate and apprehend the accused persons and to investigate as to whether the exporter has submitted fake Forms-E in previous consignments exported by him and whether any foreign remittances were brought into Pakistan against those consignments or not. In addition, he further said that the authorities concerned are also seeing whether the accused has also claimed duty drawback against those exports.

To a query, a senior FBR officer said that an FIR has been lodged and investigation has been initiated to arrest the culprits involved in the crime.