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DGI&I confiscates smuggled items worth over Rs2.099b

ISLAMABAD: Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs has confiscated tonnes of drugs along with smuggled items worth over Rs 2.099 billion during the period from July 2013 to May 2014.

As per details the Directorate General of Customs I&I seized 258 vehicles U/S 157 worth over Rs 382 million; 241 vehicles U/S 167 (NDP) worth over 285 million; around 1.1 million yards of foreign cloth worth around Rs 152 million; over 119 tonnes of tea worth over Rs 36 million; 6,417 tyres and tubes worth over Rs 50 million; numerous auto/spare parts worth over Rs 26 million; 31,428 bottles and tins worth over Rs 6 million; 663,820 litres of diesel worth over Rs 54 million; 51,527 litres of engine oil worth over Rs 6 million; 8,877 buckets of grease worth over Rs 6 million; 39,516 stacks of fake/foreign cigarettes worth over Rs 26 million; numerous electronic goods worth over Rs 101 million; 339 carpets worth over Rs 4 million; 7,794 blankets worth over Rs 11 million; numerous medicines worth over Rs 49 million; gutka worth over Rs 7 million; and miscellaneous items including pirated CDs/DVDs, toys, crockery, toiletries, etc., worth over Rs 888 million.

Foreign currency worth Rs 3.3 million is also included in this large amount. However, the directorate has not come across any case of fake currency and illegal weapons both of which are rife in the country.

Directorate General of I&I-Customs also seized illicit drugs including 656.5 kg charas, 40.5 kg opium, 9.775 kg heroin, 10,261 kg poppy straw, 70,030 kg poppy seeds and 2,250 kg cannabis seeds in 866 cases while arresting 88 persons.

According to report received by Customs Today, Directorate General of Customs I&I has kept up with its tradition as it has played a proactive role in its anti smuggling operation. But all of it comes at a cost.

During the performance of his duties a young customs intelligence officer Aqeel lost his precious life.

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