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DG Valuation notifies customs values of mobile phone drives for assessment of duty & taxes

DG Valuation notifies customs values of mobile phone drives for assessment of duty & taxes

KARACHI: Directorate of Customs Valuation Karachi has notified the customs values of mobile phone devices for the purpose of assessment of duty and taxes though a Valuation Advice.

The list of mobile devices is not exhaustive; however, covers mostly traded brands and models. The Valuation Advice notifies the C&F rates of the imported mobile phones.

As far as assessment of brands and models not included in the list is concerned, Directorate General Customs Valuation has asked the clearance collectorates to forward a reference to the Directorate General as the Valuation Advice will be regularly updated and issued accordingly. Directorate General has added that in cases where type approval is not given or is under process, Customs will fulfill the regulatory requirements pertaining to type approval, certificate of compliance from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) first as envisaged under the law.

The C&F Customs Values of the mobile devices are as under:

IPHONE 6s PLUS 32GB SPACE GREY $449/piece; IPHONE 6s PLUS 128GB SPACE GREY $549/piece; IPHONE 6s 32GB SPACE GREY $349/piece; IPHONE 6s 128GB SPACE GRAY $449/piece;  IPHONE 7 32GB BLACK $449/piece;  IPHONE 7 128GB BLACK $549/piece;  IPHONE 7 PLUS 32GB BLACK $569/piece;  IPHONE 7 PLUS 128GB BLACK $669/piece;  IPHONE 8 64GB SPACE GREY $599/piece;  IPHONE 8 PLUS 64GB SPACE GREY $699/piece;  IPHONE 8 256GB SPACE GREY $749/piece;  IPHONE 8 PLUS 256GB SPACE GREY $849/piece;  IPHONE X 64GB SPACE GREY $899/piece;  IPHONE X 256GB SPACE GREY $1049/piece;  IPHONE Xs 64GB SPACE GREY $999/piece;  IPHONE XS MAX 64GB SPACE GREY $1099/piece;  IPHONE XS 256GB SPACE GREY $1149/piece;  IPHONE XS MAX 256GB SPACE GREY $1249/piece;  IPHONE XS 512GB SPACE GREY $1349/piece;  IPHONE XS MAX 512GB   GREY $1449/piece;  IPHONE XR 64GB BLACK $749/piece;    IPHONE XR 64GB BLUE $749/piece;  IPHONE XR 128GB BLACK $799/piece;  IPHONE XR 128GB WHITE $799/piece;   IPHONE XR 256GB BLACK $899/piece;  HONOR 5X $120/piece;  HONOR 6X $145/piece;  HONOR 8 $275/piece;  HONOR 8 LITE $125/piece;  HONOR 7S $78/piece;  HONOR 7A $98/piece;  HONOR 5C PRO $105/piece;  HONOR 7C $110/piece;  HONOR 9 LITE $130/piece;  HONOR 7X 4GB+64GB $150/piece;  HONOR 8X 4GB+64GB $187/piece;  HONOR 7X 3GB+32GB $160/piece;   HONOR 8X 4GB+128GB $2000/piece;  HONOR PLAY $230/piece;  HONOR 10 $330/piece;  HONOR 9 $350/piece;  HUAWEI Y625 $50/piece;  HUAWEI Y6 $63/piece;  HUAWEI P8 LITE $110/piece;  HUAWEI G8 $180/piece;  HUAWEI MATE 8 $330/piece;  HUAWEI Y3 II $42/piece;  HUAWEI Y5 $52/piece;  HUAWEI Y5 II $62/piece;  HUAWEI Y6 PRO $94/piece;  HUAWEI Y6 II $100/piece;  HUAWEI P9 LITE  $150/piece;  HUAWEI NOVA PLUS $235/piece;  HUAWEI P9 $280/piece;  HUAWEI P9 PLUS $380/piece;  HUAWEI MATE 9 $410/piece;  HUAWEI Y3 2017 $65/piece;  HUAWEI Y5 2017 $85/piece;  HUAWEI Y7 PRIME $130/piece;  HUAWEI MATE 10 LITE $175/piece;  HUAWEI P10 LITE $185/piece;  HUAWEI P10 $330/piece;  HUAWEI MATE 10 PRO   490/piece;  HUAWEI MATE 10 $425/piece; HUAWEI P10 PLUS $450/piece;  PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI MATE   $900/piece;  HUAWEI Y5 PRIME 2018 $70/piece;  HUAWEI Y6 PRIME 2018 $102/piece;  HUAWEI Y7 PRIME 2018 $120/piece;  HUAWEI Y9 2018 $150/piece;  HUAWEI P SMART $155/piece;  HUAWEI Y9 2019 $178/piece;  HUAWEI NOVA 3I $209/piece;  HUAWEI P20 LITE $205/piece;  HUAWEI NOVA 3 $340/piece;  HUAWEI P20 PRO $50 0/piece;  INFINIX SMART 2 16+2 $45/piece;  INFINIX SMART 2 HD $53/piece; INFINIX SMART 2 32+3 $72/piece; INFINIX HOT 6 $80/piece;  INFINIX HOT 6 PRO $100/piece;  INFINIX S3X 32+3 $120/piece;  INFINIX ZERO 5 $150/piece;  INFINIX NOTE 5 SYLUS $150/piece;  INFINIX NOTE 5 $140/piece;  ITEL-A32F $41/piece;  MEIZU M711H-M6 $66/piece;  MEIZU M721H-M6 NOTE $150/piece;  MEIZU M792H PRO-7 $175/piece;  MEIZU M793H PRO-7 PLUS $225/piece;  MOTOROLA XT1663 (MOTO-M) $145/piece;  MOTOROLA XT1635 (MOTO-Z PLAY) $250/piece;  MOTOROLA XT1650 (MOTO-Z) $380/piece;  MOTOROLA XT1762 (E4) $63/piece;  MOTOROLA XT1723 (C PLUS) $68/piece;  MOTOROLA XT1771 (E4 PLUS) $104/piece;  MOTOROLA XT1805 (G5S PLUS) $130/piece;  MOTOROLA XT1944-2 (E5) $115/piece;  MOTOROLA XT1924-1 (E5 PLUS) $150/piece;  MOTOROLA XT1925-5 (G6 64GB) $200/piece;  NOKIA 130 DS $11/piece;  NOKIA 105 SS $10/piece;  NOKIA 105 DS $09/piece;  NOKIA 108 DS $12/piece;  NOKIA 215 DS $15/piece;  NOKIA 222 DS $20/piece;  NOKIA 150 DS $16/piece;  NOKIA 216 DS $17/piece;  NOKIA 230 DS $25/piece;  NOKIA 105 DS $9/piece;  NOKIA 130 DS $12/piece;  NOKIA 3310 DS $25/piece;  NOKIA 3310-3G $30/piece;  NOKIA-2 DS $60/piece;  NOKIA-3 DS $76/piece;  NOKIA-5 DS $105/piece;  NOKIA-8 DS $330/piece;  NOKIA 106 DS $11.8/piece;  NOKIA 8110 DS $50/piece;  NOKIA-1 DS $55/piece;  NOKIA-2.1 DS $75/piece;  NOKIA-3.1 (2+16GB) $100/piece;  NOKIA-3.1 PLUS $126/piece;  NOKIA-3.1 (3+32 GB) $114/piece;  NOKIA-6 DS $125/piece;  NOKIA-5.1 PLUS $155/piece;  NOKIA-6.1 (3+32 GB) DS $165/piece;  OKIA-6.1 PLUS $195/piece;  NOKIA-6.1 (4+64 GB) $210/piece;  NOKIA-7 PLUS $280/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-J1 MINI PRIM E $46/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-A3 (2017) $210/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-A5 (2017) $250/piece;  SAMSUNG   ALAXY-A7 (2017) $310/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-J2 (2018) $95/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-J7 NEO 16GB   125/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-J5 (2017) $170/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-J7 MAX $200/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-J7 (2017 32GB) $206/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-A8 (2018) $360/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-S8 $500/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-S8 PLUS $600/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-NOTE-8 $650/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-J4 $105/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-J4-PLUS $120/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-J6 $160/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-J6 PLUS $168/piece;  SAMSUNG GALAXY-A6 $240/piece.