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DG Tanveer issues Order-in-Revision against VR No 866/2016

DG Tanveer issues Order-in-Revision against VR No 866/2016

KARACHI: Customs Valuation Director General Syed Tanveer Ahmed issued Order-in-Revision No. 250/2016 under section 25-D of the Customs Act, 1969 against Valuation Ruling No 866/2016 dated June 06, 2016.

According to the details, this revision petition was filed by M/s AHG (Private) Limited against customs value determined vide Valuation Ruling No.866/2016.

The applicant stated that it is a sole proprietor of M/s AHG (Pvt) Limited and has been engaged in the import of various goods and their onward marketing in the local market for the past several years. The applicant is an income taxpayer and enjoys credibility in the commercial circles in general and in the circles of importers in particular.

The valuation department, vide above ruling has fixed Nivea brand deodorants (Body Spray) valuation to category ‘C’. The other brand in category ‘C’ are high-end prestigious brands such as Burberrys, Bvlgari, Versace, Davidoff, etc. whereas, Nivea is a mass market consumer brand. As a result, the values of our body sprays got enhanced unjustifiably, the applicant highlighted.

The respondent department was asked to furnish comments to the arguments submitted by the petitioner in the case.

The director general in his orders stated, “I have examined the record of the case as well as written and verbal arguments put forward by the petitioners and respondent department. The petitioner, Ather Chandana appeared and stated that during meeting their value of body spray of Nivea brand placed at ‘C’ category was agreed at $3.90/kg but was erroneously mentioned as $4.25/kg in Valuation Ruling No. 866/2016. The respondent department also confirmed and verified the error and stated that it was a typographical error and recommended for correction of the same”.

The DG said that in view of the above facts, the customs values mentioned at column No. (7) S.No. (2) of table for body spray, body spray/personal deodorants/anti perspirant/ body deodorant /stick/roll-on (packed in other than glass bottles), category-C is fixed at $3.90/kg being a typographical error under section 25-D of the Customs Act, 1969. The custom values determined for all other items and categories will remain unchanged.