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DG I&I detects tax evasion by M/s Nasir Khan & Brothers

DG I&I detects tax evasion by M/s Nasir Khan & Brothers

ISLAMABAD: The Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation (I&I) completed re-examination of detained containers cleared by Islamabad Dry Port and filed tax evasion worth Rs1.3 million against the importers in Adjudication department.

According to brief facts provided to Customs Today, information was received through Director-General Zahid Kokhar that M/s Nasir Khan and Brother Rawalpindi are involved in evasion of huge amount of duty and taxes by mis-declaration in value of the imported old and used auto parts under the garb of imported goods.

According to GD (Goods Declaration) No.ICSI-HC-2369 and 2370 dated 16 April 2019 filed by the importer through M/s Iqbal & Co Islamabad, the goods were e-blocked at gate out stage but the re-examination of the imported consignment led to recovery of 877 old and used auto parts which were found in excess from consignments on which duty and taxes were not paid.

After comparison of value assessed by the customs staff with the valuation Ruling No.1207 dated 5th September 2017, it revealed that above-mentioned 877 items were assessed on lower value and short payment of duty and taxes by the importer i.e. 04 cylinder petrol in quantity of 19 assessed US$ 43 per piece while value as per ruling was US$ 185 per piece as well as engine with gear box 05 number assessed in value of US$20 per piece while under the ruling it was US$42 per piece.

The sources of the DG I&I headquarters conformed that the importer and his accomplices have knowingly and willfully made mis-declaration before the Customs and caused loss to the exchequer to the tune of Rs 1.346 million on account of the duty and taxes in breach of provisions of section 25,32 (1) & (2) read with section 79 and 80 of Customs Act 1969 read with rule 108 of customs rules 2001 notified vide notification SRO No.450 (1) 2001 dated 18-6-2001 punishable under clauses (9) & (14) of section 156 (1) of Customs Act.

Sources added that the the old and used auto parts mentioned above were seized along with containers No.CAIU-7200379 and HDMU-6519043 under section 168 of Customs Act 1969 for action as warranted under the law. The evaded amount of duty and taxes of Rs 1.346 is recoverable from the importer and clearing agency under sub section 2 of section 32 of the Customs Act.

The sources confirmed that DG I&I submitted seizure report along with relevant documentation for Adjudication while notices have been issued to all concerned under section 171 of Customs Act.