Thursday , June 4 2020
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Despite US Concerns, Huawei Doing Well in Hungary

Despite US Concerns, Huawei Doing Well in Hungary

Amid security concerns and increasing controversy between the United States and Chinese tech giant Huawei, the Hungarian branch says misinterpretation of Chinese legislation has led to the current controversy. Speaking to the Budapest Business Journal, Wu Biqiang, CEO of Huawei Technologies Hungary, rejects all allegations of spying as “unfounded and misguided”.

“There was a big misinterpretation of the 2017 Chinese national security law in the international media, started from the United States,” Wu Biqiang tells the BBJ.

“The Chinese national security law does not oblige Chinese companies to transfer information about customers or install any backdoor or carry out spying,” he insists.

Huawei, who has emerged as a fierce competitor to Apple and Samsung products and whose telco network equipment is present globally, has been making international headlines over security concerns and alleged spying. The United States has appeared to favor blocking the Chinese giant’s technologies.

“The law only applies to China and it requires the telecom service providers to transfer information only following a specific court order. Huawei cannot be forced to spy, we are a vendor,” Wu Biqiang explains.

“The U.S. Cloud Act is stricter than the Chinese law. Besides, the U.S. government has not been able to provide any evidence against Huawei to prove we are spying for the Chinese government,” the CEO for the Hungarian business tells the BBJ.

“Not only Huawei Hungary, but the whole Huawei Technologies group rejects all allegations of spying and we consider the U.S. allegations unfounded and misguided due to economic interest-driven conflict. Thus, Huawei Technologies sued the U.S. government at a Texas court at the beginning of March to protect our interests,” the CEO adds.