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Dar calls for ensuring stable poultry prices during Ramazan

Dar calls for ensuring stable poultry prices during Ramazan

ISLAMABAD: Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar called for ensuring fair and stable poultry prices during the holy month of Ramazanul Mubarik.

He said that in view of the sanctity of Ramazan and to facilitate people at large, the Poultry Association should closely monitor the poultry prices. He was talking to a four-member delegation of the Poultry Association of Pakistan, which called on him here. He urged members of the delegation to ensure a regular check on the rates of poultry.

The delegation informed the Minister that the enhancement in the poultry rates was triggered by a supply gap which emerged due to low prices for the last five to six months. They also discussed the issue of current taxes on poultry sector. The Minister said the government had a resolve and commitment to enhance revenues and improve the tax to GDP ratio. It had a number of obligations to meet in the coming fiscal year, he added.

He said that expenses on rehabilitation of Temporary Displaced Persons (TDPs) as well as the ongoing anti-terror operation would need a large chunk of revenue.Similarly, he said there were a number of other areas to attend to. The minister said that the businessmen and traders community had a responsibility to contribute to national exchequer in this hour of need. He, however assured the Poultry Association that their recommendations regarding taxes on poultry would be given due consideration despite the economic constraints.

A decision in this regard, he said, would be announced in his winding up speech on the budget.The delegation thanked the Minister for the patient hearing about their tax related issues and assured him that they would do their best to keep a check on poultry prices in view of the month of Ramadan. Chairman FBR, Tariq Bajwa, Additional Secretary to Finance Minister, Tariq Mahmood Pasha and other senior FBR and finance ministry officials also attended the meeting.