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Damages during examination of export shipment

Damages during examination of export shipment




Ministry of Narcotics Control



Dear Sir,

We would like to state that we are operating as customs agents under license No. 998. Our professional services include packing and removal of household goods, personal effects cargo and filling of containers and its delivery services around the world.

Please note that recently we packed 151 packages of household goods and stuffed the goods in 1×40’ container No. GVCU4033695 STC and shipping bill No. KPEX-SB-39848, which was to be exported to Panama, Central America.

On October 19, 2013, the above-mentioned 40’ container was placed for examination by customs and ANF at PICT.

The ANF personnel opened all the cartons and ruthlessly mishandled them.

They did not hesitate to cut the cushion and break the furniture items and other stuff without considering fragility and sentimental value of these items. We are attaching herewith some photos of the goods lying at the Port Area after their examination by the ANF. These pictures tell the dilapidated condition of the goods and real story of maltreatment by ANF personnel.

The owners of these goods pay heavy fee for specialized packaging to ensure safe logistics. These people are quite attached to their possession and get seriously hurt when these goods are damaged during shipment.

We therefore request you to kindly look into this very serious matter and take appropriate action so that the ANF personnel examine the shipment of household goods and personal effects without causing any damages to these goods while keeping in view the nature and fragility of personal effects shipments.

With profound regards,

Abubaker Hashim

President Homepack Freight International,