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Customs to dispose abandoned shipments in Manila port

Customs to dispose abandoned shipments in Manila port

MANILA: The Bureau of Customs is set to dispose abandoned shipments at the Port of Manila, after the failure of consignees to claim the cargoes and file import entries.

In a 3-page notice, lawyer Jennifer Lagbas, officer-in-charge of the port, said the shipments in hundreds of container vans were declared abandoned after the prescribed 30-day period given to the consignees had lapsed.

Most of these shipments arrived in March while two entered the port last February 28.

“In view thereof, the same are hereby deemed abandoned and shall be disposed of after undergoing abandonment proceedings in accordance with customs laws, rules, and regulations,” Lagbas said.

Lagbas identified the consignees as Yara Fertilizers, Stargold Motorcycle, Conequip Phils., Poro Exim Corp., GNP Trading, Zagro Corp., CTSI Logistics Phils, Aeromax, Titan Agricultural, and Royal Cargo Inc., among others.

Their importations include calcium nitrate granular, printing plates, steel wire, motorcycle parts, assorted groceries, plywood, fishing net, and calcium ammonium nitrate, among others,

Under Memorandum Order No. 24-2015, signed by Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina, any person who abandons an article or who fails to claim his importation “shall be deemed to have renounced all his interests and property rights therein.”

The memo added: “An abandoned article shall be deemed the property of the government and shall be disposed in accordance with the provision of the TCCP (Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines).”

The customs district collector, however, on a written request of the importer or consignee, may extend the deadline for declaring the goods.

Possible reasons for approval of extension include failure to file an entry due to fraud, accident, mistake, excusable negligence, and an alert order.