Monday , October 26 2020
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Customs ready to curb LPG smuggling through Taftan, Mand

Customs ready to curb LPG smuggling through Taftan, Mand

MULTAN: Model Customs Collectorate Multan is ready to take stern action against the rampant smuggling of liquid petroleum gas LPG from Taftan and Mand borders. The LPG Association of Pakistan has appealed from the Chairman Federal of Revenue that relevant authorities should take action against the smuggling of Liquid Petroleum Gas.

The consumption of LPG in Pakistan hangs around 2300 -2400 Metric tons approximately and out of which almost 1600 to 1700 metric tons is produced locally in Pakistan and the rest of the gas is imported either through Karachi Sea Port or through Taftan and Mand borders of Baluchistan.

According to President LPG Association of Pakistan Farooq Iftikhar there is almost 500 metric tons LPG is smuggled per day from the Mand and Taftan Border. He said that smuggled LPG is causing them loss, as they are not paying duty taxes.

The amount of 30 percent smuggled Liquid Petroleum Gas from Taftan and Mand borders is coming from the Baluchistan borders and smuggled through the bowsers. Then the smugglers are also selling this gas by transporting LPG in these bowsers in the country.

This smuggled LPG is transported to other cities of Pakistan through cleared import documents of liquid natural gas (LNG) repeatedly.

Customs Intelligence and Investigation team had captured and seized the LPG bowser in the month of December in an operation on the information of FBR against the smuggled gas from Iran.

The smuggled liquid petroeum gas is damaging the government exchequer in amount of billions so the Multan Customs Collectorate has also directed the Anti Smuggling Organization to take harsh action against the smuggled LPG.