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Customs Preventive to auction confiscated vehicles on 21st

Customs Preventive to auction confiscated vehicles on 21st

KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Preventive will auction confiscated vehicles on July 21 at State Warehouse-III, Kemari, behind KPT Fire Brigade Station.

The collectorate will offer auction of following vehicles:

S. NoDescriptionChessis No/Engine No
01Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep GS-2000 Model 1994Reg. GS-2000/V464034791
02Lexus Car 3450CC, Model 2006, Reg. No. UC-868,JTHBG963905034702
03Toyota Premio Car, Model 2007, Reg. No AAH-747ZZT240-0140149
04Used Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep Reg No.BF-0314-Model-2005-2663 cc.UZI 100-0139760
05Used Toyota Hilux Surt (SSR-X) Fake plate-BC-5613-Model-2000 (As per Seat Belt )- 2693cc.Chassis No- RZN- 185-0040781/
06Used Toyota Harrier Jeep-Reg. No- JAA-454-Model- 1998-2999cc.Chassis No-MCU-10-0013510-Engine No-
07Used Toyota Hilux Surf –Reg. No-CP-0693/Model -2003/1990ccChassis No-LN-130-0009771
08Used Honda Saloon Accord Car/Reg No-BFT-418/Model-2003/1990ccChassis No-LC7-3006339/Engine No-33101802
09Used Toyota Land Cruiser PARADO/Reg. No-BD-9380/Model 1998( As per Seat Belt)/ 2657ccChassis No-RZI-90-0002888 / Engine No-3RZ-FE( As per
10Used Toyota Hilux Surf/ White colour Reg No-CV-4267/ Model-2001/2694cc.Chassis No-RZN-1859039075/ Engine No-07942258-1
11Used Toyota Hilux Surf Jeep/ Reg. No-WAG-466/ Model-2000/Silver colour/ 2693cc.Chassis No-RZN-185-9037821/ Engine No- 
12Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X-3.0/Reg. No-BD-8045/ Model-KD KZN130W-GKPQT/ 2962cc.Chassis No-KZN 130-9048116/ Engine No-IKZ-TE.
13Used Mercedes Benz ( AG) FAKE Reg. No-AB-1001/ Model-2002/2999cc.Chassis No-WDB1240312B476728.
14Used Toyota Mark-II Saloon Car / Reg. No-BBL-708/ Model-2000/1800 HP.Chassis No-JZX110-6000922/Engine No-
15Used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Jeep/Reg. No-BC-5212/Model-1994/2982cc.Chassis No-KZJ-78-0015267/
16Used Toyota Hilux Surf/ Reg. No-BD-1688/ Model-1994 ( As Per Seat Belt )Chassis No-LN-130-0123784.
17Used Toyota Land Cruiser PARADO Jeep-Model-1996-3000cc-BF-8154Chassis: KNJ 95-0037200-Engine-IKZTE 0206429
18Honda Accord-Reg., AUX-934-Model-2004CL7310078
19Mercedes Benz Car-Model-2001-230 SLK-2000CCWDB2037452A272217