Sunday , December 6 2020
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Customs Multan to launch  Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program

MULTAN: The Cabinet Division has directed Multan Customs along with other federal agencies for implementation of Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program (CFMP). This program will be started to improve service delivery and eradicate corruption in the federal departments of Pakistan.

One of the major purposes of this Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program is to enhance the participation of masses in the government departments through their positive criticism and those areas will be improved after citizen feedback which needs perfection. It will also communicate state response to masses of country and it will also support government in making reforms in the various departments including Customs and others.

Five major questions will be asked from people of Pakistan about federal departments of the Pakistan in the Citizen Feedback monitoring Program (CFMP). Per-forma of Citizen Feedback monitoring Program (CFMP) includes the first question about the list of services provided by the Federal Board of Revenue to masses.

Second query is whether a monetary transaction is involved in service provision. Third wuestion in the CFMP asked whether name, CNIC and mobile no are recorded during service provision. Fourth query asked about the approximate daily volume of each service being provided by department. And the last asked about data available is on digitized format.

Cabinet Division of Pakistan is going to start Citizen Feedback monitoring Program (CFMP) to bring positive changes in the department with the feedback of public.




Customs Department is calculating information of Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program (CFMP) to submit their report to Cabinet Division on their request.

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