Thursday , December 3 2020
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Customs Intelligence focused to thwart menace of smuggling: Manzoor Memon

Customs Intelligence focused to thwart menace of smuggling: Manzoor Memon

KARACHI: The Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation (I&I) Karachi is fully focused to bring to an end the rising trend of smuggling and to thwart the menace of duty evasion through mis-declaration.

This was stated by Director Customs Intelligence & Investigation (I&I), Karachi Dr Manzoor Hussain Memon during an exclusive interview with Customs Today at his office.

Sharing his views, Memon said that the Customs Intelligence is completely determined to minimize the problem of smuggling and for this purpose the department is keeping a vigilant eye on transportation of imported goods at the terminals.

“Efforts are under way to detect the cases of evading tax levy with the help of strict surveillance of Intelligence officials and their networks at different ports and terminals”, he added.

Director Customs I&I further said that the department is also keeping a watchful eye on money laundering cases. Recently, the department conducted 3 massive crackdowns in which 3 cases of under-invoicing were detected including Rs 260 million of Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL), 32 containers of fake GDs held at Port Qasim Container Terminal and 3 containers of miscellaneous items held at Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT).

In answer to a query, Memon informed that Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Customs Service would evolve an effective strategy to curb smuggling and under-invoicing cases.

“Our mission is to stop evading tax levy and eliminate smuggling through concerted efforts”, Memon added.

Elaborating, Mr Manzoor Memon said, “We would not allow importers to conduct any illegal activity including mis-declaration of goods and evasion of duty with patronization of Customs officials. Customs officials would also be punished if they are found involved in any corrupt practice.”

Memon suggested that Customs officials should remain devoted to their duties and avoid involving themselves in any illegal activity.

“We must introduce a culture where corrupt Customs officials should also be arrested and brought to book”, Memon added.

Referring to a recent case in which an importer through mis-declaration of GDs tried to evade around Rs 84 lakh of tax levy, Memon said that such things could not be accomplished without the connivance of Customs officials.

Commenting on the recent development in that particular case, Director Customs I&I said that the department will investigate the AC concerned and if he is found guilty, the Directorate will write a letter to FBR for awarding him due punishment.

“Through such actions, we can discourage the increasing trend of corruption in Customs Department”, Director I&I asserted.

Highlighting the performance of Customs Intelligence Department, Memon informed that the department recently arrested a ‘culprit’ after conducting a raid on a godown, where under-invoiced imported goods were kept.

“The Customs Intelligence has recovered goods worth Rs5 million from the godown and investigation in this regard is underway”, he informed.

Director Customs Intelligence and Investigation, Manzoor Hussain Memon said that Chairman FBR Tariq Bajwa and Member Customs Nisar Muhammad Khan have issued clear directives to improve the efficiency and working of the department.

“In the light of the directives of Chairman FBR and Member Customs, the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Department is determined to improve its working. Recent raids are an open proof of the outstanding performance of Customs Intelligence”, Memon added.