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Customs I&I to hold auction of NDP vehicles, goods on Feb 26

Customs I&I to hold auction of NDP vehicles, goods on Feb 26

KARACHI: Directorate General of Customs Intelligence and Investigation announced auction of motor vehicles and general goods to be held on February 26, 2021 at DG I&I Customs, PECHS, Karachi.

Following are vehicles and goods that will be presented for the auction:

  1. Mercedes Benz Car, Reg. No. AAJ-106, Model-2001 Chassis No. WDB2100372A189414 Color Grey
  2. BMW 760Li Car, Reg. No. BCP-523, Model-2002 Chassis No. WBAGN62000DE55455, H.P. 4400cc Color White
  3. BMW 530i Car Reg. No. LZG-105, Model-2004 Chassis No. WBANA72034B789793, H.P 1995cc Color White.
  4. Toyota Premio Car, Reg.No.GP-0595, Model 2004 Chassis No. ZZT240-5029478 H.P 1800cc Color Pearl
  5. Toyota Surf Jeep, Reg.No.BG-3400, Model-1997 Chassis No.VZ N185-9000421, H.P.3400cc
  6. Toyota Mark X Car, Reg.No.AMQ-020, Model-2006 Chassis No.GRX121-3001124, H.P.3000CC, Color Pearl White
  7. Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep, Reg: No.BF-7787, Model-1998 Chassis No.UZJ100-0002349 H.P. 4663cc Color Pearl White
  8. Toyota Estima Van, Reg.No.EA-5321, Model-2002 Chassis No.ACR40-0033291, Horse Power 2400cc Color Silver.

9 Toyota Marks-X Car Reg No.ASP-663 Model 2005 Chassis No.GRX121-1005188 color pearl white H.P 2994 CC

10.Honda Civic Car Reg No.AKY-342 Model 2003 Chassis No.JHMES56804S201499 color Black H.P 1500 CC

  1. Toyota Marks-X Car Reg No.AKE-250 Model 2010 Chassis No.GRX133-6000941 color pearl white H.P 3500 CC One Office
  2. Toyota Marks-X Car Reg No.BBF-001 Model 2005 Chassis No.GRX120-0045540 color pearl white H.P 2499 CC One Office
  3. Honda Civic Car Hybrid Reg No.BED-504 Model 2008 Chassis No.JHMFD46208S202135 color Black H.P 1330 CC One       Office
  4. Toyota Marks-X Car Reg No.ARN-690 Model 2005 Chassis No.GRX120-0021588 color Silver H.P 2500 CC

15           Toyota Surf Jeep Reg. No. BG-0235 Model 2001 Chassis No.VZN185-9047191 color White H.P 3378 CC

16           Toyota Surf Jeep Reg. No. ABC-600 Model 2000 Chassis No.KZN185-9022690 color Silver H.P 2982 CC

17           Toyota Prado Jeep, Reg No. WAA-225, Model 1996 Chassis No.Vzj95-0001689 Color Blue H.P 3378 CC

18           Honda Civic (Reborn) Hybrid Car Reg No. AQD-617, Model 2006, Chassis No.FD3-1101013 Color Silver H.P 1300 CC

19           Toyota Mark-X Car Reg No. LED-14-7246, Model 2005, Chassis No.GRX121-1005846 color Pearl White H.P 3000 CC

20           Toyota Prado Jeep (without number plate) Model 2002 Chassis No.RZJ95-0056190 Color Pearl White H.P 2700 CC

21           Toyota Mark-X Car Reg No. ASP-663, Model 2005, Chassis No.GRX121-1001181 Color Pearl White H.P 3000 CC

22           Suzuki Swift Car Reg No. AYH-707, Model 2005, Chassis No.ZC11S-152546 Color Pearl White H.P 1240 CC

23           Mercedes Benz (E-300), Reg No.AZC-955 Model 2009 Chassis No. WDD2120542A078371 Color Black H.P 3000 CC

24           Toyota Corolla X Reg No. AGS-666, Model 2001, Chassis No. NZE124-3003485 Color White H.P 1500 CC

25           Suzuki Swift Reg No. BFP-330, Model 2005 Chassis No. ZC11S-153137 Color Pearl White, H.P 1300 CC

26           Mercedes Benz, bearing Reg No. ATL-999 Model 2006 Chassis No. WDB2110772B024601 Color White H.P 2000 CC

  1. Suzuki Swift Car Reg No. BCF-996, Chassis No.ZC11S-166252, 1300CC , Model 2006, Color Silver
  2. i. Plastic Zips ii. Bicycle China Origin (20 Bags) iii. File Cover iv. Trunnion Bush (Spare Parts) 12.7×12.7×8.5 cm v. Envelop vi. Bus Tyres vii. Car Tyres viii. Bicycle Tyres ix. HMD Motorcycle Wheel Chain Taiwan Origin x. DTO Bicycle Chain China origin 249 Kgs 40 Pcs 200 Pcs 480 Pcs 20 Packets 05 Nos. 25 Nos. 1000 Nos. 400 Pcs 300 Pcs
  3. Tyres Reconditioned (different brands and assorted Size) 144
  4. Old and Used Window AC (F/O) 14 pices 31. i. AC (Window) F/O York Brand (75 Units) ii. AC (Standing) F/O York Brand (10 Units)     85 Units