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Customs I&I impounds over Rs520m goods & vehicles

Customs I&I impounds over Rs520m goods & vehicles

MULTAN: Directorate of Customs Investigation and Intelligence Multan impounded over Rs 520 million goods and articles during the month of October 2020.

The seized goods and articles included betel nuts, tyres, cigarettes, cloth, auto parts, medicine, cars and other items.

The official sources said that the Collectorate conducted over 200 percent additional operations against the smuggling to come over the rising influx of smuggling goods articles in the area.

The sources said that Director Usman Bajwa constituted a team

consisting Additional Collector Muhammad Saeed Watto and other officers and inspector to crackdown on the smugglers.

The team conducted various operations in area impounding goods, articles and vehicles of over Rs520 creating intense deterrence against the smugglers and the smuggling activities.

The Collectorate confiscated over Rs60 million vehicles, Rs5.7 million cloth, Rs8 million cigarettes, Rs2 million betel nuts, Rs10 million Iranian diesel, Rs25 million tyres, Rs90 million medicine, Rs20 million auto parts, Rs160.85 million miscellaneous goods and items and Rs140 million luxury vehicles.

It was reported that Director Usman Bajwa appreciated the whole team encouraging the team to work with more diligence and devotion.