Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Customs I & I seizes hashish worth Rs800 million near Rohri Bypass

Customs I & I seizes hashish worth Rs800 million near Rohri Bypass

KARACHI: The anti-smuggling staff of the Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation – FBR, successfully foiled an attempt to smuggle a huge quantity of hashish (nine tonnes and 900 Kilogram) worth 800 millions near Rohri Bypass Sukkur and arrested three accused from the scene.

This was disclosed by Director Customs IntelligenceAsif Marghoob Siddiqui during a press conference along with Additional Director, Customs Intelligence, Karachi Nadeem Ahsan. Siddiqui informed the media that information was received in the Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation – FBR, Sukkur Range that a racket of drug paddlers was involved in transportation of narcotics by road from Mardan to Karachi. Acting the tip-off, a special team comprising Najeebullah Jafri, Qaswar Shah and Mohsin Shah was constituted in order to check any such illegal movement of narcotics.

The anti-smuggling patrolling staff of Customs Intelligence posted at Sukkur intercepted a trailer bearing registration No. Z-5085, carrying container No CAXU-959746-2 to Karachi. The driver was asked to produce relevant legal document in order to confirm the bona-fide status of the goods. The unsatisfactory and apparently evasive replies of the driver forced the anti-smuggling staff to detain the container and trailer for inquiry and investigation.

The physical inspection of the container revealed that the fabrication of the container was different from other container of this capacity. The presence of wooden logs, an unusual export commodity reinforced the suspicion of Customs Intelligence staff. Subsequently, the same was, therefore, escorted to Sukkur Customs Intelligence office along with the three persons including truck drivers and cleaner present in the truck. An exhaustive search revealed that two portions had artfully been created inside the container by erecting a special iron wall.

It was difficult to identify the presence of specially created wall with cursory glance. On the spot search confirmed that the wood logs covering three quarters space had been placed inside the container and rest of the one quarter space was used to clandestinely hide approximately 9 tonnes and 900 Kilograms of ‘hashish’ behind the artificially fabricated iron wall. The wall was demolished with the help of cutter and 495 bags containing hashish (brands Samar Qand / Bostan) was recovered. The initial probe has showed that the narcotics were booked by Haji Gul Mat Khan from Mardan KPK through M/s Seven stars & Co, a Goods transport Company to Karachi.

Speaking at the occasion, Siddiqui said that the seized narcotics were apparently to be smuggled abroad from Karachi, adding that the value of the seized narcotics is approximately Rs 800million in Pakistan and in European markets over billions of rupees.  The Director Customs Intelligence further informed that the narcotics were seized and FIR against the accused has been lodged under the provision of CNS Act, 1997.

He further stated detail investigation is underway to trap the other accomplices involved in this heinous trade. The Director Intelligence further claimed that this was one of the biggest narcotics seizures detected by any agency in the recent years. On the occasion, he also conveyed that Lutfullah Virk Director General, Intelligence & Investigation Islamabad, has lauded the seizure efforts of seizing team.