Saturday , September 26 2020
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Customs held 2 Chinese smuggling Pangolin scales

Customs held 2 Chinese smuggling Pangolin scales

ISLAMABAD: Customs officials seized Pangolin scales from two Chinese planning to travel to Hong Kong at Benazir International airport and arrested the culprits.

As per details, Customs authorities produced 145 kg of pangolin scales in five bags from two Chinese citizens Lauri Yu Ean and Yung Fu Layn. Customs authorities confiscated the bags when the Passengers failed produce any official permission or legal prove for their criminal export.

The Customs Appraiser, when asked about valuation ruling of item, termed it as seizure and said that import and export of wildlife and their parts is a criminal act subject to imprisonment and fine.

It is noted that, demand for these animals stems primarily from China and Vietnam, where Pangolin flesh is consumed both as a delicacy and for apparent health benefits.

Moreover, pangolin body parts especially their scales are used to make ‘cure all’ traditional Chinese medicines.

However, there is no scientific evidence to support any of the medicinal claims made about the scaly anteaters. In fact, their highly coveted scales are comprised mainly of keratin the same protein that makes up rhino horn and human hair and nails.


Later, Islamabad Customs collector Zaiba Hai Azhar issued show-cause notices to arrested Chinese who were staying at a Chinese rest house of Islamabad before departing for Hong Kong.

Wildlife traffickers in Pakistan typically receive quite lenient punishments which encouraging traffickers to export rare animal parts that much.