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Customs gears up anti-smuggling operations

Customs gears up anti-smuggling operations

KARACHI/Lahore: Under the leadership of Chairman Tariq Bajwa, all wings of FBR have geared up their activities in a bid to maximise revenue collection to achieve the annual tax target of Rs2,475 billion. In line with the new spirit infused in FBR, the anti-smuggling units of the Customs Department all over the country have launched a vigorous drive to stop smuggling and smash rackets and mafias robbing the national exchequer of billions of rupees in lost tax income. Here we are publishing two especial reports one each from Karachi and Lahore focussing on the anti-smuggling efforts of the customs authorities during the first quarter of fiscal year 2013-14.

The Directorate General of Customs Intelligence and Investigation (I&I), Karachi Region seized 14 cases of smuggling worth Rs 21,792,919 in the month of September, 2013.

According to the details, Customs I&I Department seized a vehicle U/S 157 worth Rs 3,000,000. It also confiscated 7 vehicles U/S 16 (NDP) costing Rs 4,579,023 which were imported illegally.  In addition, the Department  detained 494 tubes and tyres worth Rs 3,970,000 and miscellaneous items including auto parts of worth Rs 318,000.

During anti-smuggling activities, Customs I&I Department confiscated 2900 ‘dandas’ of fake and foreign cigarettes worth Rs 545,333 and 120 buckets/ctns of grease worth Rs 300,000. In the month of September, Customs I&I through its effective and well-planned operations seized 34 carpets worth Rs 612,963 and 408 blankets worth Rs 163, 200 during its anti-smuggling activities. Medicines worth Rs 600,000 and miscellaneous goods worth Rs 7,704,400 were also seized.

Meanwhile, the Directorate General of Customs Intelligence and Investigation (I&I), Karachi conducted 27 operations during the months of July and August, saving millions of rupees for the national exchequer.

According to details, Directorate of Customs I&I in the month of July seized goods worth millions of rupees in 15 cases of various types. It seized three U/S 157 vehicles with CIF Value of Rs9,000,000; one U/S 16 (NDP) vehicle with CIF value of Rs802,540; 990-yard cloth worth Rs19,800; 108 tyres and tubes worth Rs1,784,400; auto spare parts worth Rs575,000; 60,000 litres diesel worth Rs4,000,000; 1000 litres of mobile oil worth Rs600,000; 10,261kg poppy straws worth 2,000,000; and miscellaneous goods worth Rs7,110,084. Two persons involved in the crime were also arrested.

Similarly in August, the Customs Department saved for the national exchequer millions of rupees in 12 different cases. The department seized 8,280-yard cloth worth Rs993,510; 20 tyres and tubes worth Rs61,480; 3,852 boxes of fake/foreign cigarettes worth Rs1,835,000; 276 blankets worth Rs89,800; 239,620 pouch of ‘Gutka’ worth Rs890,000 and miscellaneous goods worth Rs21,403,432.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Smuggling Wing of Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Lahore confiscated smuggled cars and contraband goods worth Rs 112.67 million during the first quarter of fiscal year 2013-14. The Anti-Smuggling Unit conducted 18 raids and seized smuggled cars worth Rs 7.88 million. It also impounded contraband goods worth Rs 104.79 in 81 cases during the 1Q.

In July, customs officials intercepted smuggled vehicles worth Rs 4.44 in seven cases and contraband goods worth Rs 40.38 million in 26 cases.

According to details, in July,  the anti-smuggling wing seized smuggled vehicles and contraband goods including ladies cloth worth Rs 0.44 million, 617.28 kg of parachute fabric worth Rs 0.35 million, A/S cloth 410kg worth Rs 0.29 million, diesel generator  39KVA worth Rs 1.20 million, diesel generator 275.300 KVA worth Rs 2.00 million and  miscellaneous goods worth Rs 1.30 million.

The wing held one Honda Civic car IDS-686 worth Rs 1.0 million, one Honda Accord car LEE-08-7217, one Toyota Corolla car IDF-8075 worth Rs 0.80 million, one Toyota Crown car R-2790 worth Rs 0.30 million,  cloth worth Rs 1.40 million, ladies suiting cloth 300 rolls worth Rs 0.75 million and miscellaneous goods and articles worth Rs.0.75 million.

Further, the unit confiscated a diesel generator 500 KVA worth Rs 2.00 million, Gerry cloth 6048 kg worth Rs 3.00 million, Indian cloth 10000 meters worth Rs 1.0 million, dry milk powder 250 bags, two diesel generators 1200 KVA and 20 KVA worth Rs 9.16 million, one Mazda truck LES-13-6071 worth Rs 0.12 million and one diesel generator 75KVA worth Rs 0.70 million.

The department also detained A/S cloth 2460 yards worth Rs 0.25 million, HRC coil 35425 kg worth Rs 3.04 million, steel coil 12 tonnes worth Rs 1.20 million, polyester lining cloth 135,000 yards worth Rs 0.70 million, Toyota Corolla car LXE-786 worth Rs 0.80 million and MS pipe 2543 kg worth Rs 3.44 million.

The department confiscated a Mazda truck/LES-09-1916 worth Rs 0.12m, plastic dana 100 bags worth Rs 0.50m, two old & used generators worth Rs 1.80m, Indian A/S cloth 9300 yards worth Rs 0.58m, one diesel generator 100 KVA worth Rs 1.00m..

During the month of August 2013, the anti-smuggling wing confiscated a used generator worth Rs 0.42 million, MS pipe 8262kg worth Rs 0.8m, steel pipe 27, 000kg Rs 27.00 million, Rs 0.60m auto parts, Rs 0.25m 16 cartons of shampoo, Rs 0.90 million two used generators, Rs 15.75m medical X-ray film 1180 cartons and Rs 0.80m Toyota Vitz car ALJ-434, Rs 0.80m Toyota Land Cruiser APL-13, Rs 0.07m silk fabric in roll (12,000 yards), Rs 2.00m MS sheet 18995 kg, Rs 0.29m plastic dana 1500kg, Rs 1.00m diesel generator 100 KVA, Rs 1.42m A/S cloth 14238 yd and Rs 0.50m ladies & gents cloth 4885 yd. Similarly, the wing confiscated seven bodies of Mazda trucks each worth Rs Rs 0.12m.

Official data disclosed that during August, Customs anti-smuggling unit registered nine cases seizing smuggled vehicles worth Rs 2.44 million and confiscated contraband goods worth Rs38.60 million in 18 cases.

According to details of September, third month of the first quarter 2013, Lahore anti-smuggling wing impounded MS sheets 12301 kg worth Rs1.20 million, diesel generator 75 KVA Rs.75m, Suzuki  Jeep BNA-8604 Rs 0.30 million, used LCD/computer 512 pcs worth Rs 0.50 million, gents shirting cloth 1047 kg Rs 0.53 million, A/S ladies cloth 4500 yd worth Rs0.14m, skimmed milk powder 2500 kg Rs 1.00 million, welding electrode 18000 pcs worth Rs 0.25 million, iron steel re-meltable scrap & old/used steel sheet 13mt & 6mt worth Rs 0.80m, polythene 25 bags worth Rs 0.14m, used generator 350 KVA worth Rs 2.40, polythene bags 1200 kg worth Rs 0.29m, used generator 500 KVA worth Rs 3.90m and miscellaneous goods worth Rs1.50m.

During the same month the wing impounded gents suiting cloth 975 kg worth Rs 0.80m, polythene (plastic dana) 675 kg worth Rs 0.14m, polythene bags 25 bags worth Rs 0.14m, used generator 350 KVA worth Rs 2.40, polythene bags 1200kg worth Rs 0.29m, used generator 500 KVA worth Rs 3.90m and miscellaneous goods worth Rs1.50m.

Customs officials seized gents suiting cloth 975 kg worth Rs 0.80m, polythene (plastic dana) 675 kg worth Rs 0.14m, printed PVC sheet Rs1.00m, aluminum foil 1000 kg worth Rs 0.50m, fuel system high flash 3420 kg worth Rs 1.50m, Toyota Corolla car worth Rs 0.70m, auto parts HTV worth Rs 0.59m, plastic dana (50 bags) 1250 kg worth Rs 0.25m.

Plastic dana (100 bags) 2,500 kg worth Rs 0.50m, 110 used chargeable batteries worth Rs 1.10m, baby diaper 453 cartons worth Rs1.00m, plastic dana (125 bags) 3125 kg worth Rs 0.60m, Toyota Vitz car LEF-07-3911 worth Rs 0.60m, instant dry yeast 450 kg worth Rs 0.30m, used generator 500 KVA worth Rs 3.90m and a body of Mazda Truck LES-13-6507 worth Rs. 0.30 million.

Similarly, during the month of September, two cases were registered and Rs 17.93m worth of  contraband goods in 18 cases were confiscated.