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Customs court seeks progress report of mis-declaration case

KARACHI: The Customs Court directed investigation officer of Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation-Customs to complete investigation and submit progress report against suspects who are involved in mega mis-declaration of goods under the garb of ministry of foreign affairs’ exemption certificates.

On 22 November 2020, investigation officer informed the court that on a credible information regarding smuggling of liquor in the garb of diplomatic goods, Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation blocked a number of consignments in March 2019, imported by the Embassies of Indonesia, Syria, Algeria and Lebanon after clearance from the relevant MCC.

He further submitted that officials of the customs department and Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducted joint examination and an imported consignment which disowns but imported in the name of Syrian Arab Republic blocked by the Directorate and during the search found huge bottles of assorted brands liquor of foreign origin.

He further stated that prima facie, recovered liquor of foreign origin was imported/ smuggled in the garb of diplomatic cargo against exemption of duty and taxes and it is suspected that staff of Embassy of Syrian Arab Republic, Islamabad Enclave have involved in the imported smuggled contraband goods under the garb of diplomatic consignment through mis-declaration of description.

According to the prosecution, case was registered for violation of under section 2(s), 10 (a), 16, 19, 32 (1)(2), 32A and 155D (2) of the customs act, 1969 read with section 3 (1) (3) of the import and export (control) act, 1950, punishable under calluses (8) (9), (14) and (14A) of section 156 (I) of the customs act, 1969 and section 3, 6, 33, 34 & 36 of sales tax act, 1990 and section 1487 (I) of the income tax ordinance 2001.


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