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Customs Court seeks progress report against M/s Loyal Traders

Customs Court seeks progress report against M/s Loyal Traders

KARACHI: The Customs Court directed investigation officer to complete and submit progress report against proprietors/ owners/ partners of M/s Loyal Traders Karachi and others who were nominated for fiscal fraud through submission of tampered and fabricated false import documents, evasion of legitimate government revenue through gross mis-declaration of the imported goods.

On 23 November 2019, investigation officer of Intelligence & Investigation-Customs submits first information report (FIR) and informed the court that above mentioned importer declared the goods as CRC/TMBP in coils of secondary quality with PCT heading 7209.1610 & origin as Canada/Russia and concerned assessing officers of Appraisement East, Karachi processed and cleared the consignments/ GDs as per importers’ declaration and the goods were delivered to the importers accordingly.

He further submits that scrutiny of the impugned GDs and the documents uploaded by the importer in WeBOC system revealed that the impugned goods have been imported against M/s Soneri Bank, however, during the investigation and scrutiny of the bank’s certified documents this prima facie, confirms that importers have mis-declared relevant particulars of the impugned consignment and uploaded in WeBOC system tampered and fabricated false import documents to hookwink customs.

He said that fakeness and falseness of the importers’ uploaded documents has also been proved in the recent past in their similar consignment covered vide KPPI-HC-2837626-10-2019 & FIR No 11/2019 dated 18/11/2019.

He stated that further investigation as in progress, consequent upon approval of the competent authority, FIR of the case is lodged accordingly role of the concerned customs officers for their collusion, if any, shall be determined through detailed probe in the matter.

After the hearing, court taken FIR into court record and directed him to complete investigation and submit progress report on next date of hearing.